The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The Ultimate Stage

    2022-05-18 21:08:38 UTC
    An empty Stage in a Theatre is no different to the Stage of Life. Context is Decisive - it gives us a frame in which to contain our story. When the cast show up, the Stage now becomes their Platform - they can now present their Story. I am finding…

  2. X100F - WCL | Natural Vision

    2022-05-18 19:40:50 UTC
    This is what I have been searching for. My Natural Vision. Documenting exactly what I see, nothing more or less. I fully appreciate the optical tricks that using certain Lens can achieve. Sometimes, this is required to create a sense of scale, drama, visual impact that grabs the attention of…

  3. 28mm | An Evaluation - X100F

    2022-05-18 13:34:11 UTC
    My X100F with the Wide Converter Fitted gives me 28mm F2. All this in a neat package. Its not a Leica Qll - to be honest, I wouldn’t spend 4K on a Leica. I would use that money to travel for one month. I set up my X100F to shoot…

  4. XF 10-24 | Depth of Vision

    2022-05-18 13:03:55 UTC
    The one thing I love about this Lens is its capacity for deep depth of field. I don’t use my Wide Angle for shallow depth of field. This Lens is not designed for that style of image. This Lens is about creating a visual narrative with sharp focus all the…

  5. XF 10-24 | Seeing Deeper

    2022-05-18 10:22:22 UTC
    Seeing deeper is all about embracing the wider canvass. The Frame is still the classic 35mm, however, the optics of this Lens forces me to stretch my vision and imagination. The human eye doesn’t perform such optical tricks. The standard Lens of 50mm has achieved its reputation for matching our…

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