The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. 2022: A Brand New Day

    2022-01-01 13:58:43 UTC
    A Happy New Year. It certainly feels different. The big clean up begins. Discharged Trees Empty Streets. The transition from old to new is very subtle and yet I allow myself to be still just enough to feel whatever my inner guidance needs to process on this new day of…

  2. 2022

    2022-01-01 13:46:10 UTC
    My first post for the years begins with an acknowledgement. First to my mother. It’s been a tough year in 2021 but we got through. To live through it has been a blessing and a miracle. My Photography has matured a little. I have been enjoying The X-Pro1 with my…

  3. SFS: Seeing Deeply

    2021-12-31 18:25:14 UTC
    Seeing deeply is a big part of creating a story in a single frame. This moment was created on Westminster Bridge. It was quite chaotic - lots of people on the Bridge. I saw the man kneeling and felt this in itself would be interesting. And then, The man behind…

  4. SFS: What Next?

    2021-12-28 18:46:09 UTC
    This story got me thinking. 2022 is a few hours away. What next? Who Carers? I don’t. I gave up on New Years resolutions a life time ago. This image tells me there is a big clean up coming. The Matrix is a real phenomenon. We are caught in its…

  5. SFS: Time Alone

    2021-12-28 00:09:13 UTC
    This story in a single frame connected with my lone warrior spirit. I very often need to be on my own. I don’t feel lonely. Loneliness is not part of my psychology. I am an only child so being on my own is the most natural part of my life…

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