The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. 2020 Vision | Arsenal Legend

    2020-04-29 18:49:04 UTC
    I don’t remember the 1970 World Cup, I was only 6 years old so Football wasn’t on my radar. I became aware of The Beautiful Game in 1974 - Holland, Total Football and Johan Cruff. The game did not grip me at this stage. 1978 - Argentina 🇦🇷 This was…

  2. 2020 Vision | Today in Black & White

    2020-04-29 12:34:56 UTC
    Empty Carriages. Paddington Station. A Ghost Town… Some sign of life and yet…….empty, meaningless and devoid of soul. I have a bad feeling about this. 😔 When it’s all over, the atmosphere of Social Distancing will be a context still very much alive. Who will you trust? Who can you…

  3. 2020 Vision | Dementia Vs Masterchef

    2020-04-28 16:20:39 UTC
    Let’s get one thing straight, I HATE THE KITCHEN. I don’t belong there. I belong on stage in front of an audience, this is my domain. This is where I belong. I am now in exile and have been for the last 18 months. I chose this new context for…

  4. 2020 Vision | Closer To Mother

    2020-04-28 12:48:16 UTC
    The closer I get to her, the closer I am to my nature. Who I am is not the carefully crafted identity I made up to survive the world I was born into. My time in her company has revealed to me the true meaning of stillness, peace, self acceptance…

  5. 2020 Vision | Emptiness

    2020-04-28 08:29:59 UTC
    Space… Emptiness… The absence of people. Our current Pandemic has given me many moments to create people free images. I love it. Not for the absence of people, for the purity, expression and stillness of life. These moments are like an empty canvas, waiting for the artist’s expression. All it…

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