The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. XF 50mm F2

    15 Aug 2019
    In an earlier post, I shared my point of view about using different Lens. This process has taught me a lot about optics, vision and the vocabulary of different focal length. I think it is worth mentioning that I am right eye dominant. My left eye doesn’t function as well.…

  2. 2019 Moments

    12 Aug 2019
    My life right now is all about embracing the moment - THE NOW. The image above is of my mother. She turned and I created this image on our way to the clinic for her treatment. How many heartbeats left? Who knows? All that matters is right now. I have…

  3. My Daily Motor Show

    09 Aug 2019
    I really love my neighbourhood. It has a sense of peace and calm tranquility that makes living here a great blessing. Maida Vale connects with Warwick Avenue which leads into Little Venice. This means I am treated to a daily extravaganza of photogenic opportunities. My Daily ritual is creating images…

  4. Looking, Seeing & Vision

    08 Aug 2019
    The Vision of My LensThe Fuji Lens line up is truly fantastic. Light, agile and sharp beyond belief.I really love the XF 18-135mm - it was part of my XT1 as a kit. I have traveled the world with it and created some memorable moments. The debate between Prime Lens…

  5. Jam From Somalia

    08 Aug 2019
    The Man in the White Suit. A chance encounter today. I saw the gentleman with the hat on and approached him. I asked him if he wore white suit and rode a bike? He said yes. I told him I thought he looked amazing and that I took his photograph…

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