The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Nordisch Nobel 2019

    06 Sep 2019
    Whenever I Travel, I always have the mental task of deciding which kit to bring. My Travel Lens of choice is the XF 18-135mm. I love that Lens, it came as part of the Kit with my XT1 and I will not part with it. I recently returned home from…

  2. 55-200mm

    28 Aug 2019
    I read many reviews and opinions about this Lens. Many points of view were relatively favourable. When compared to the XF50-140, no comparison. I don’t own the 50-140mm Lens. I cannot compare. The longest reach I have in my XF tool box is the 55-200mm And I love it. This…

  3. My Experience Shooting A Wedding

    26 Aug 2019
    I said to myself Wedding Photography is not for me. Coward😉. Last December, my friend Steve invited me to his Daughter Amy’s Wedding. I saw that as an opportunity to………practice. I was there in my capacity as a magician to entertain the guest. However, I had my XT1 paired with…

  4. Carnival Day 2 2019

    26 Aug 2019
    The August Bank Holiday Monday is all about the Adults. Carnival Monday brings West London to an all most standstill. As I walked up to the entrance point, things were in full swing. The colourful parade were gearing up for full blown self expression. The Monday event is all about…

  5. Carnival 2019

    26 Aug 2019
    The Nottinghill Carnival has become an institution for West London. This event is a celebration of freedom, expression and diversity before this word became part of our current day lexicon. The image above reflects the new controlled layout, no walking in the street at this entry point to Westbourne Park. …

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