The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The X-System

    2022-01-26 22:50:07 UTC
    I started with Nikon - The D90. I loved that Camera. Just as I was getting familiar with it, stupidly, I traded it in for the D750. I vowed I would not be sucked in by hype again. Personally, I don’t care about Full Frame or Crop Sensor for that…

  2. 10 Years Young

    2022-01-24 19:27:40 UTC
    The Image above was created using my X-T1 paired with the XF35mm 1.4. I mention this because this Camera and Lens is old. It’s part of the 10th anniversary of the Fuji Film X-System. This next image was created using my X-Pro 1 paired with the XF18mm F2 Both images…

  3. Contemplating 22

    2022-01-23 14:51:32 UTC
    I have experienced a sense of apathy since the start of the year. What makes 2022 so special? I have no idea. I don’t really care. This is my beautiful apathy speaking. This image of mum was created about a week and a half ago. I caught this moment and…

  4. 10 Years Old

    2022-01-09 21:16:03 UTC
    January 9th 2012 was a landmark moment in the photographic industry. Fujifilm took a leap of faith and released to the market place The X-Pro 1. Who would have known at that time what this would become? Fujifilm did. They did not rest on their laurels. At the time of…

  5. SFS: Just Enough Light

    2022-01-08 23:14:15 UTC
    I didn’t think much of this moment when I created the image. It was a reaction shot because, I want to see how well my XF 18mm F2 handled low light. On reflection, I saw a bit of a narrative. I sat with it and explored the message in this…

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