The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Monochrome Week

    2022-05-23 13:14:50 UTC
    I thought it would be interesting to continue this week in shades of grey. Why not? I am enjoying this academic process of translating Colours into a pallet of grey tones. I don’t see in Black & White, I find that illogical. What makes logical sense is the the translation…

  2. On Going Study

    2022-05-22 09:44:24 UTC
    I am sticking with this study as part of my ongoing workflow. I appreciate the visual impact the different shades of grey can have on a moment. I recently picked up a copy of 52 Assignments - Black & White by Brian Lloyd Duckett. The 1st Assignment is all about…

  3. The Colour of Life

    2022-05-20 17:07:21 UTC
    The expression of Life is all in the gesture. Jay Maisel speaks of this illusive quality with great reverence. I know when I see it or should I say……when I feel its presence. Jay goes on to say, the gesture is the heart beat of the moment - my paraphrase/interpretation.…

  4. Seeing in Shades of Grey

    2022-05-20 14:20:03 UTC
    One thing leads to another. How subtle is the difference between the shades of grey? Once Colour is stripped away, its easier to see. This why getting our meter readings spot is critical for a decent exposure. Look at how a light blue becomes a light grey. Love… shades of…

  5. 100F | 50 Shades of Grey

    2022-05-19 15:56:17 UTC
    In the last 24 hours, creating Black & White images has taught me a lot. Its not Black & White. Its different shades of grey - with strong Blacks at one end of the spectrum and bright Whites at the other. It’s the 50 shades of grey in between that…

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