The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. A New Expression

    2021-06-01 21:06:45 UTC
    Over the Bank Holiday, I experienced a new expression in my image creation. It was perfect weather for a nice walk. I decided to document a the three Bridges that cross The Grand Union Canal. The Grand Union Canal starts at The Paddington Basin and cuts right through Little Venice…

  2. My Favourite

    2021-05-31 17:59:03 UTC
    Unlike most Photographers, it took me a long while before I gelled with my 50mm 1.8. This Lens I got for my Nikon D90. It felt long and at that time I didn’t know about the 1.5 Crop Factor. It turned this Lens into a 75mm Lens. I was confused…

  3. Visual Poetry

    2021-05-11 10:57:17 UTC
    Visual Poetry & Philosophy: expression of Light. No light, no image. The original canvass was a backdrop of Black. Let there be Light; what a glorious moment. This was the beginning, the Genesis of all creation. The Birth of The Sun became a landmark event. Today, I can hold The…

  4. New Project: Visual Poetry & Philosophy

    2021-05-08 10:14:17 UTC
    I like creating a context for my Photography. Mini Projects gets me focused. My Brain is wired for anything that fits the context I have created. This new serious explores moments, the poetry in the moment, the philosophy and philosophical narrative that gets created through my thoughts. Light, Colour &…

  5. Seeing At 50

    2021-05-05 19:09:50 UTC
    The 35mm Lens for the Fuji X-System is not the Full Frame equivalent of 50mm. It is 53mm. The 1.5 Crop Factor gives me 53mm. I think subconsciously this put me off and I did not use my XF35mm F1.4 as much as I could have done. When I did…

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