The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Observational Photography

    2021-09-10 19:30:20 UTC
    I started this project unconsciously. One image. A singular moment. A story and narrative that is feature rich in context and meaning. My neughbourhood High speed broadband upgrade. Who cares? I don’t. Doesn’t mean we are any closer connected. The world has gone mad.

  2. Spot The Difference

    2021-08-25 10:07:40 UTC
    Spot Metering. It has taken me this long to understand it. I can’t explain why it confused me. The technical language behind its functionality is probably the cause of my co fusion. Once I grasp a concept, I practice like there’s no tomorrow, just to lock it in my mind…

  3. Embracing The Light

    2021-08-24 08:48:04 UTC
    My Mother is my Alarm Clock. 05:00 am. She is up. No point negotiating about going back to bed. Broken Sleep Pattern. Grumpy start to the day. Dementia doesn’t care. I shower, get ready and head to the bakery. The morning Light reminds me everything is ok. Life continues because…

  4. X-Pro1 | Understanding Exposure

    2021-08-23 16:06:20 UTC
    I have been reading many reviews and watching a few videos on YouTube about the merits of the X-ProI in 2021. This Camera was released in 2012. The Technology in this Camera is now considered old compared to the X-Pro System that Fuji has update in the last ten years.…

  5. X-Pro1 | 52 Assignments - 2

    2021-08-22 13:27:16 UTC
    2nd Assignment : Exposing for The Highlights. This assignment is really interesting because it got me to focus on the bright areas in my image. Exposing for the Highlights while keeping my dark areas reasonably dark and yet legible is tricky. Our eyes can make quick adjustments to the different…

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