The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. East Coast Journal | Departure

    01 Nov 2018
    Packing is all done. I wish I could Travel Light. Not possible. 23kg is dam heavy once I hit that threshold. The saving grace is my camera XPRO2 18-135mm - and the stunning 23mm 1.4. That’s it, that’s all I need. This is a live conversation so stay tuned. X

  2. Practice | A Never Ending Quest

    31 Oct 2018
    As a student in the craft of magic, practicing everyday is who I am. That mindset has been transferred to my Photography. I must creat an image everyday, it’s that simple. I saw my favourite car today and I just had to. The Aston Martin DB5 and The Rapide. Classic…

  3. Stunning Enteriors

    30 Oct 2018
    Photographic moments can take me when I least expect. This shot is the entrance to the St.Pancras Hotel. It is stunning and breathtaking. It pulls me right in, photographically speaking. Now this particular scene is the gorgeous staircase inside Heals Department Store. This is another view looking down. These two…

  4. Responding To The Call of Light

    25 Oct 2018
    From Sunrise to Sunset, she makes her presence felt. No two days are the same. The Light can be so different to the next and yet, I surrender to her mood. I sensed a playful mood in the light today which made for some interesting moments. Standing in the middle…

  5. Twilight Years

    23 Oct 2018
    Everyday is a blessing. How many heart beats left? Stupid question. My only job is to make her heart skip a beat with pride and joy. A trip to The Hairdresser inspired this image. A magical expression. Gorgeous hairstyle Big thanks to Darren

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