The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Stories | Sunday Glory

    10 Apr 2022
    As the golden light cast across her face I thought this would be an ideal moment to create a photo. This is how I roll as a photographer. I seek the magic in the Light and where it falls.My friend looks beautiful and I told her so and she loves…

  2. Energy of Life

    07 Apr 2022
    The creative expression of the living force is everywhere. Its all creative energy. She doesn’t shout. She doesn’t need too. Here expression captures my attention. I experienced her forceful expression a lot more now. I recently experienced her full force through a ritual involving Ayahuasca. It opened my consciousness to…

  3. For The Love of The Image

    30 Mar 2022
    At the end of the day, its all about the final image. How that image is created doesn’t matter. Whatever Camera System is used to create the image is as good as any other. The technology is beyond extraordinary now. What I have discovered in the last year is how…

  4. People | The Expression of Character

    29 Mar 2022
    This time now is the revolution of the individual. I actually think this quest for identity has been on going since man first stood upright. The significant difference now is we have a platform accessible by anyone who has access to the Internet. The quest to feel and be unique…

  5. The Expression of Light

    23 Mar 2022
    It occurred to me that Light is a subject of its own. It has quality, direction, texture, intensity and a malleable energy. Using the Light to define a subject is the normal procedure. What about Light as the main subject? This I find very interesting. Shooting into the Light. This…

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