The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. 35mm CF | 28mm or 35mm

    2022-07-27 20:12:01 UTC
    Oh what a dichotomy. Two of my favourite focal lengths The 18mm in Full Frame equals 27/28mm - The 23mm equals 35mm. I was walking home from Paddington Station this afternoon. I had the XF23mm F2 on my Camera and it was perfect to document The Paddington Basin - Grand…

  2. 35mm | Within The Frame

    2022-07-26 23:15:46 UTC
    The 35mm Canvass is no different that the Canvass used by Rembrandt or Picasso. It requires real focus and discipline on my part to ensure clean Frame. I noticed today this first two images were perfect because of the depth of field and the urban landscape of my road. The…

  3. 35mm CF | Honouring The Frame

    2022-07-26 12:06:43 UTC
    The Classic Frame is all about seeing the content and arranging the elements perfectly. I can already feel the importance of having clean edges. This means getting it right in Camera. I try not to crop after the fact. The 35mm Frame is a beautiful Canvass. It inspires me to…

  4. The Classic Frame

    2022-07-26 11:24:21 UTC
    I like to stretch my Vision. Wide & Deep is my instinctual Frame. For the next few days, I am spending time working The Classic Frame. The means 35mm. Since I use Nikon & Fuji interchangeably, this means the 35mm F2 on my D700 & the stunning XF23mm 1.4 on…

  5. Seeing People | Expressive Energy

    2022-07-25 12:48:13 UTC
    I don’t look for themes. I do see or notice connections. Men at Work - a powerful context that communicates expressive energy. Creative use of energy. Even at rest the energy settles before exploding again. This expressive energy is never tired. The human being experiences tiredness. The Human Body must…

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