The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. 2020 Vision | Expression of Light

    2020-11-12 19:11:21 UTC
    The light is my number one focus now. Colour comes second. Shape, Line, Texture, Patterns all became subconscious considerations in a matter of seconds once the light speaks to me. Yes, the light talks to me, her message is loud and clear; “here I am”. #expressionoflight #mastersofphotography #xpro2 #xf16mmf28 #depthoffieldphotography

  2. 2020 Vision | XF 16mm

    2020-11-12 14:15:07 UTC
    It was a tough choice. 1.4 or 2.8. It’s amazing how the size of a hole 🕳 in a metal tube can keep a person awake at night. On my X System, I knew the 16mm would be a stellar optics. I asked myself why do I need this Lens?…

  3. 2020 Vision | Shooting like Henri

    2020-11-09 21:43:22 UTC
    I am greatly inspired by the work of Henri Cartier Bresson. His images come from another time and place and yet, there is a lot to learn. Today I shot with a 35mm on my crop body so my field of view is that of a classic 50mm. Henri Cartier…

  4. 2020 Vision | Morning Vision

    2020-11-08 12:50:47 UTC
    Getting up early is magical. Health benefits is one thing, greeting the morning light is good for my spirit. My Camera is happy. This image at 18mm is perfectly Wide enough. I love the XF16mm and yet, at 18mm, which translate to 27mm is a field of view that is…

  5. 2020 Vision | Seeing Deeply

    2020-11-07 21:54:48 UTC
    I am blessed to live in a lovely part of West London, Maida Vale. Warwick Avenue is the next stop from my Station. The opening image of the young man stopped me in my tracks. I felt his situation. Surrounded by the beauty of Little Venice, I feel the sad…

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