The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. 30 Day Challenge Day 18: 18-55mm

    2021-03-02 11:37:57 UTC
    This Lens is so great, it cures gear acquisition syndrome. The temptation is still present for more. The discipline to go out and shoot suppresses all desire to spend on the next Lens. Between 18 and 55mm, I get to live between the various focal length. I love setting this…

  2. 30 Day Challenege Day 16: Observing

    2021-02-27 23:18:38 UTC
    The ability to see is a wondrous gift. Vision is a spiritual gift. To observe is an intellectual decision. Observing requires looking and thinking about what I am seeing. This is where my stories come alive. The expression of life is always ready to deliver a narrative. Armed with my…

  3. 30 Day Challenge Day 15

    2021-02-26 11:15:52 UTC
    30 Day Challenge Day 15: with 15 days left of this challenge with the XF 18-55mm my subject is Light. Light & Shadow. What’s in the bag”? Morning Yummies. Time for my Silent Coffee Meditation. HappyFriday to you all. #xpro2 #xf1855mmf28 #shadowandlight #30daychallengexf1855mm

  4. 30 Day Challenge Day 14

    2021-02-25 19:46:06 UTC
    Early morning walk. Moody light in London. Strange atmosphere. Black and White works because there is nothing to distract you from your own interpretation. X

  5. 30 Day Challenge Day 13

    2021-02-25 09:51:03 UTC
    It is the first Subject I needed to be aware of. No one told me this. It was an awakening that came to me. It made perfect sense. All other Subjects are secondary to this glorious moment of expression. Light. Against the original canvas of BLACK. Light is my primary…

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