The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Contemplation: Visual Story

    2021-03-26 13:25:20 UTC
    Contemplation on The Classic Frame: 35mm is a dramatic study. I really love it because it’s no longer about singular theme subjects. It’s about space and how the elements within the space/frame relate to each other. Here we have water, boats, homes floating in water and juxtaposition of bricks and…

  2. Contemplation: Context is Decisive

    2021-03-23 20:09:44 UTC
    The Frame of 35mm is everything. No more. No less. It can only hold so much. My Camera is not Full Frame so using the 23mm gives me the classic field of view of 35mm. So, with this Lens, I see the wide spectacle of this amazing Frame. It really…

  3. Contemplation: The Classic Frame

    2021-03-22 20:43:51 UTC
    This new study in Contemplative Photography Focuses on The Classic Frame 35mm. My Fuji journey began with The X100T. This Camera was fitted with a 23mm F2 Lens. In Full Frame terms, this equalled 35mm. I am returning to my roots and shooting with this Focal Length again - I…

  4. Contemplation: Beauty

    2021-03-22 20:26:27 UTC
    To see beauty is to embrace gratitude. Every creation in life is complete, perfect and whole. Even the ordinary moments possess a quiet dignity worthy of attention . The beauty I see in God’s world is complete. All we need to do is open our hearts and see. X

  5. Contemplation : Seeing Deeply

    2021-03-14 16:08:53 UTC
    With every image of her, I get to see deeply into the true nature of love. What is this nature? The true nature of love is to contribute and serve. You will not know this for yourself until the person you profess to love can no longer take care of…

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