The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Happiness

    21 Jun 2018
    I am not materialistic by nature. However, I will be honest and say that I love my camera, my deck of cards and my Omega Seamaster. What is the point? The point is not so much the products, it’s what they allow me to create. I am a student in…

  2. Street Portraits

    19 Jun 2018
    Street Photography is a very magical aspect of my work. What brings it to life are the fantastic conversations I have had with random strangers. The images above got created because these two fine gentleman recognised me from my TV appearances on ITVs Penn & Teller FOOL US. This is…

  3. My Number 1 Model

    19 Jun 2018
    Since I started on this journey, I have embraced many different genres of image creation. I can say capturing images of people is my favourite. I love creating portraits. At the start of this year, I decided to create more images of people, specifically women. My project was called “A…

  4. A Moment of Magic

    18 Jun 2018
    This image sums up why I am so passionate about Photography. I love people and I enjoy creating images of people that captures some unique expression. These two fine gentleman saw me walking and said, “that’s a nice camera”. I said “thank you sir”. So began a delightful conversation between…

  5. My Vision

    18 Jun 2018
    My style of street photography is to walk, stand still, look, see, feel and create. I go out empty, no agenda, I just allow life to be exactly as it is. Images are everywhere, it’s all about how I feel about what I see. This image is just two bicycles,…

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