The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Buskers Delight

    2017-05-02 19:22:00 UTC
    I am learning very quickly that speed on the streets is a required skill. I have been shooting recently with my camera set to Shutter Speed Priority with an action stopping speed of 1/500sec with my ISO set between 400-1600. This set up on my X-Pro 2 has yielded some…

  2. A Piece of History on My Door Step

    2017-03-30 08:54:00 UTC
    Don’t see these too often.  An irresistible moment.  I never leave home without my camera.  Moments like these take me by surprise and are worth capturing.  This is why I love this craft.  It reminds me that life and moments are what memories are made of, memories worth creating and…

  3. Glorious London

    2017-03-22 23:21:00 UTC
    In the space of a few hours I experienced London in two realms, Joy and fear. Last night I was invited by my friends Valerie and Raskita to City Hall for a guided tour. I got to see where our Mayor of London operates. The last time was I here…

  4. A Month of Introspection

    2017-03-17 22:33:00 UTC
    Fallen tree This has been a dark month, emotional - the shadow of death has hung over me like The Dementors. My happiness has been challenged and I see this reflected in my shooting. If every image I create is a self portrait then you will see the world through…

  5. Reflections on the past week

    2017-03-05 22:32:00 UTC
    I have come to appreciate the rain, the quality of light after a down pour is quite something to behold when viewed through a camera. Reflections take on a different feel. These two were not taken today but a few days ago when I was in my coffee shop. This…

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