The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Frequency + Vulnerability = Intimacy

    13 Jun 2017
    While experimenting with a new Teleconverter, it occurred to me how important the power of intimacy is with regards to getting close to my subjects. This also triggered the thought of frequency - what frequency am I operating on in order to establish intimacy with my subjects, family, friends, colleagues…

  2. The Authentic Self

    09 Jun 2017
    I watched this Lion King for a good 20 minutes.   He rested on top of this giant rock without a care in the world.   I felt his being.   He couldn’t have cared less what I thought of him.   My opinion of him meant nothing.   Such was his pride and confidence…

  3. Welcome to Hogwarts

    08 Jun 2017
    I spent a lovely time in Gloucester with my friend and fell magician Andy Field this week. Andy very kindly took me on a guided tour of the city centre and armed with my X-Por2 paired with the amazing Wide Angle 10-24mm I was ready for action. The city centre…

  4. A Humbling Experience

    05 Jun 2017
    The last time I experienced wild animals was in South Africa in 2005. I was there as part of a good will mission for The College of Magic. My guest took me and a few others to Sun City for some rest and relaxation and then treated us to a…

  5. Creating Memories

    02 Jun 2017
    I was speaking to my number one model recently and she asked me why do I take so many photographs of her.? I replied, “I am creating memories, these photographs for me”. I am grateful for meeting Alan Alan, he changed my life. He introduced me to all the great…

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