The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. XF14mm: Spectacular Vision

    21 Sep 2021
    I don’t consider myself a WIDE ANGLE Shooter. Even though I have the XF16mm, the XF18mm and the classic frame 23mm, I don’t normally go wider the 16mm. The XF16mm equals the perfect 24mm field of view and is my sweet spot for storytelling compositions. Today, I felt like seeing…

  2. Cars

    20 Sep 2021
    I love them. Everything about them. The design. The curves. The concept. Because of 007, The Aston Martin has been in my nervous system since I was a boy. Michael Cain’s “The Italian Job” introduced a cute and very agile little road runner, the classic Mini” My road is full…

  3. The Adventure Playground

    20 Sep 2021
    My Park has gone through several facelifts over the years. As a young boy, there was a Cycling Track which dominated the main central area. Now, it is an open field to chill out and play all manner of social sports on a sunny day. The Children’s area is exactly…

  4. Self Expression

    19 Sep 2021
    I gave a performance last night. It was great fun. This image was created using my nimble and powerful XE-3 paired with XF27mm F2.8. I gave the camera to my friend Liam and asked him to create a few images. What’s great about the XE-3 is it’s easy to put…

  5. My Secret Garden

    18 Sep 2021
    I found a special place where I like to go and be totally still. This is my Secret Garden. A place like this is full of spiritual energy. Just walking this trail of mystery invites curiosity and a feeling of adventure. A Secret Garden is exactly that, a Secret, not…

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