The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The Colour Purple

    2017-12-24 15:01:10 UTC
    Understand Color in Photography.  Today’s exercise in seeing Color has been about the Color Purple.   The images I created caught me by surprise because this Color is a little bit like playing hide and seek  While I was committed to this process, I knew I had to relax and allow…

  2. Yellow Theme

    2017-12-24 14:40:00 UTC
    Understanding Color in Photography Day 3 Seeing in Yellow.   A special message of thanks to my friend and teacher Bryan Peterson.  Your book Understanding Color in Photography has become so much more to me. The exercises in seeing and actively participating in the colour around me revealed to me how…

  3. Seeing Blue

    2017-12-24 13:34:44 UTC
    Adventures in Blue continued.   It’s everywhere.  What I noticed was the colour Blue was not always about the subject but a part of a larger context.   Lots of Blue Cars, however, as decoration with other colours, Blue added something to the scenery. Fuji X100T

  4. Royal Blue

    2017-12-24 13:03:51 UTC
    Understanding COLOR in Photography with Bryan Peterson part 2.  The  Today’s adventure is all about seeing in Blue.   Blue is my favourite Colour so this one feels good to me.  Psychological impact of the colour blue is one of serene dependable trust. Calmness, peace and serenity.  When I left my…

  5. Chasing Rainbows

    2017-12-24 12:57:22 UTC
    My friend and Teacher Bryan Peterson has written a most wonderful book called Understanding COLOR in Photography. This books reveal some amazing secrets about how color in our world has an impact on our moods, psychology and emotional states/behaviour whenever we look at a photograph. This is very powerful. This…

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