The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Framing

    2022-07-03 13:58:15 UTC
    Framing and Composition is an ongoing study for me. Once again, my friend and Coach Bryan Peterson has written The Field Guide on this subject. These two Books cover everything required to create stunning images. The Images featured in this Essay were all created using the Nikkor 28-70mm & 70-200mm…

  2. The Long View

    2022-06-30 17:35:59 UTC
    I don’t normally walk the Street with my 70-20mm. The F4 version is really beautiful, light and equally spectacular as the F2.8. Its a perfect Street Lens. I love this Lens; it is currently attached to my D700 and together, they make a formidable partnership. My Cousin is in London…

  3. The Joy of Seeing

    2022-06-29 15:21:43 UTC
    The joy of seeing for me has become more about being taken by a moment. This simply means a moment has stopped me in my tracks. What is it about a moment, a scene, an expression that compels me to create an image? I could easily manufacture a clever answer:…

  4. The Need for Speed

    2022-06-28 20:37:18 UTC
    Panning. This has to be one of the trickiest exposure techniques to get right. It has been for me. A very frustrating learning process. Get it right and the moments looks spectacular. This is an example of a slow Shutter Speed while tracking left to right or right to left…

  5. 16 | The Golden Rule

    2022-06-27 18:49:17 UTC
    Inspired again by my friend and teacher, Bryan Peterson; his new Book on Street Photography is fantastic. I have learnt so much from studying his Books. My biggest learning has been understanding the full range of creative exposure. What was once a complex issue, has now become as effortless as…

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