The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. My Secret Garden

    18 Sep 2021
    I found a special place where I like to go and be totally still. This is my Secret Garden. A place like this is full of spiritual energy. Just walking this trail of mystery invites curiosity and a feeling of adventure. A Secret Garden is exactly that, a Secret, not…

  2. Sit And Wait

    16 Sep 2021
    Every morning, I head to my Bakery. Once I have my Cappuccino I take seat by the window and wait. I sit. I wait and observe life in all its manifestations. My Camera is my companion. My Coffee a calming influence. As life passes by I capture the gesture and…

  3. Morning Ritual

    15 Sep 2021
    My morning ritual is my saviour. My mother was sleep walking at 06:30 - being her Carer, this meant one thing. So I was up early and I was mopping up the kitchen floor half asleep. I put mum back to bed, had a cup of tea and then my…

  4. A Moment To Cherish

    14 Sep 2021
    My morning ritual finds me enjoying a quiet moment in my local Bakery. Cappuccino. Camera on hand. And….. My Deck of Cards. This ritual connects and reminds me that I am a multi - dimensional expression of force energy. Carer, magicians, sleight of hand expert, teacher, speaker and coach. If…

  5. Black & Light

    14 Sep 2021
    If you really think about it, the absence of Light reveals nothing. The black canvass is the starting point for a creative revelation. No Light. No Colour. When Light is present, Colour can be stripped away to focus attention of the Light and it’s sculpting ability. I am thinking the…

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