The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. XF 10-24mm

    2022-05-17 12:05:54 UTC
    The XF 10-24mm features five different focal Lengths 10mm is truly epic. Next is 14mm which in Full Frame terms is 21mm. My Favourite is 18mm which gives me my natural field of view at 28mm. Next up is 20mm which equals 30mm. Its important to under how The Crop…

  2. XF 10-24mm | Epic Vision

    2022-05-16 22:29:18 UTC
    I am seeing, thinking, feeling and responding like a Landscape Photographer. My neighbourhood is my Canvass, my Suburban Landscape. Its all about Scenery. The Scenery is the backdrop - the context, the stage for life to unfold. Unfold it does. A family negotiating some matter. A Cyclist not sure about…

  3. XF 10-24m | Maida Vale

    2022-05-16 14:45:06 UTC
    Maida Vale presents a dignified and epic Landscape. It has a grand presence without being intimidating. From Cafes to residential homes with our glorious Park, it is a wonderful place to live. The Road Works are back installing Fibre Optic for even faster internet. In spite of the construction, my…

  4. XF 10-24 | Urban Landscape

    2022-05-16 11:40:34 UTC
    The XF 10-24 is equal to a Full Frame 15-36mm F4. This is an epic field of view for Landscape Images. I live in a suburb so Landscape Photography is out. Or is it. How about seeing my Neighbourhood as a massive canvass ready to be captured with this epic…

  5. 14

    2022-05-15 18:42:32 UTC
    I really love the Wide Angle Lens. The 28mm Field of view is my normal. 24mm is wonderful. Things get really interesting at 21mm. My Fuji 14mm equals 21mm in 35mm terminology. This doesn’t seem like much when compared to the stunning 16/24mm. Its only a 3mm difference in space…

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