The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. 50mm | Setting The Standard

    2022-08-20 19:10:08 UTC
    On my way to The Hospital, I decided to create some images with my Full Frame D700 and the classic 50mm 1.4. I chose this Frame of 50mm just to consolidate my database of knowledge. The 50mm Lens is called a Standard Lens, this means it matches the natural field…

  2. X-Pro 1 | Everyday Beauty

    2022-08-19 12:05:37 UTC
    I have reached a point in life now where my gratitude is anchored in simplicity. To appreciate and acknowledge the simple things is my mission. My Camera. A Deck of Cards. A Cup of Coffee. This is where my Storytelling begins. My Coffee Shop has become my Chill Out Zone. …

  3. Feeling Life

    2022-08-18 09:52:20 UTC
    I don’t think for one minute we are born into this context of life to live in a state of desperation. Yes, our instincts is to survive, by any means and resources at our disposal. I just feel there is a big missing in this reality. We have lost the…

  4. F22 | Epicscape

    2022-08-17 20:25:32 UTC
    I don’t consider myself a Landscape Photographer. I live in the London suburb of Maida Vale. If I lived anywhere remotely close to Hills, Valleys and Mountains,I would be up at the crack of dawn to catch the morning light. Having said that, I have studied the work of great…

  5. 35mm | Seeing The Possibility

    2022-08-17 10:35:12 UTC
    Being ready is imperative to capturing a great moment. The only way this can happen is if my mind is open to life. Being open to life means being receptive and responsive without conscious thought. This mean knowing my Camera settings impeccably well. Life is happening 24/7. Being attentive to…

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