The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Visual Vocabulary

    2021-11-22 16:44:39 UTC
    This is my X-Pro 1 paired with the XF 55-200mm F 3.5-4.8. When you look at that Aperture rating your first thought is likely to be dam slow Lens. I am making an assumption - don’t hold it against me. When compared to F1.4 or 2.8, it is slow. Let’s…

  2. Expanding My Skill Set

    2021-11-20 16:43:37 UTC
    When I started studying Photography seriously, I had no specific genre in mind. My focus was learning how to use a Camera. Two words the governs all of my skills in multiple areas of interest are: Competency & Effectiveness. Sounds reasonable enough. Learning how to use a Camera has taken…

  3. Peterborough

    2021-11-17 23:04:20 UTC
    Last Saturday, I spent the day in Peterborough with my dear friend Heather. We have known each other for over 20 years. Our time together was short and delightful. We decided to meet in Peterborough because it represented a good half way point for us. I live in London so…

  4. Time of Day

    2021-11-17 19:30:29 UTC
    This morning the Light was gorgeous.The clouds in the sky were wispy thin and the colour blue was beautiful. I created these two images one after the other about 200 metres apart on the same side of the road. The quality and direction of Light was so enchanting, glowing, warm…

  5. My Photography

    2021-11-15 21:47:19 UTC
    I don’t consider myself a Landscape Photographer.My goal has been very clear from the start. To master my Camera to a high standard of technical proficiency. It meant if I could achieve that, I could create an image of any subject that was of interest to me. And I mean…

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