The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The Joy Seeing | Connections

    03 Apr 2021
    I respond very quickly on the streets. When something catches my eye…it’s done. Such was the case with this moment. I shared this image on my Instagram feed. One of my followers is a friend of the gentleman on his bike. We connected through the various comments regarding this image.…

  2. Joy of Seeing | Light, Colour & Gesture

    02 Apr 2021
    This contemplation is about being receptive and keeping my heart open to something truly profound. Three things keep me focused: Colour The Light The Energy in the Expression - The Gesture. The Gesture is the glue that binds the moment into a compelling narrative. This Energy can be a Skateboarder…

  3. The Joy of Seeing | Being Open

    01 Apr 2021
    The Joy of Seeing; once I started this contemplation, I knew on a gut level I would have to embrace everything. I knew I would need to be totally committed with zero attachment to what showed up. Recently, it’s been dirty face mask left on the side walk. This morning,…

  4. The Joy of Seeing | My World

    31 Mar 2021
    Sight. Vision. Seeing. They sound the same, don’t they? Eyes - the tool. Sight - the ability to look and stare at things. Vision - the gift to see further with our minds into an unknown future. Seeing - a beautiful experience; the gift to interpret life right in front…

  5. Contemplating: The XPro 1

    28 Mar 2021
    I don’t understand the technology of one Sensor to another. They all do the same thing, just differently. Nikon have their profile as well as Canon. Sony and the rest. Fuji is a bit special. The XPro1 has a quality I just love. It has warmth and a colour profile…

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