The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. XF 10-24 | Urban Landscape

    2022-05-16 11:40:34 UTC
    The XF 10-24 is equal to a Full Frame 15-36mm F4. This is an epic field of view for Landscape Images. I live in a suburb so Landscape Photography is out. Or is it. How about seeing my Neighbourhood as a massive canvass ready to be captured with this epic…

  2. 14

    2022-05-15 18:42:32 UTC
    I really love the Wide Angle Lens. The 28mm Field of view is my normal. 24mm is wonderful. Things get really interesting at 21mm. My Fuji 14mm equals 21mm in 35mm terminology. This doesn’t seem like much when compared to the stunning 16/24mm. Its only a 3mm difference in space…

  3. The Digital Darkroom

    2022-05-14 14:43:10 UTC
    Editing my images is a very tedious process. In the beginning I had no idea what I was doing. The Books about how to use Lightroom and Photoshop were confusing. I really loved using my Fuji Cameras because the jpegs straight out of Camera where excellent. This meant spending less…

  4. 28

    2022-05-14 13:28:28 UTC
    28 is the magic number. This is my Vision. After testing with rigorous energy, I am happy with this field of view as my standard Lens. I still love the 50mm - the 28mm just agrees with my vision. Its an environmental - storytelling optics. If I need detail, I…

  5. Wide & Closer

    2022-05-13 22:32:32 UTC
    Even though 18/28mm is my natural vision, I still need to use this Lens correctly. Foreground interest is a must. Getting close is imperative because this Lens pulls of an optical trick which is amazing. It pushes everything in the frame backwards into the distance. So Foreground Interest creates the…

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