The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. SFS: Matrix 2022

    2021-12-24 12:45:28 UTC
    Red Pill. Blue Pill. Eyes open but still sleep walking through the Covid nightmare. Welcome to The Matrix 2022. This image communicated the fear that is everywhere. Community business is suffering. The coffee shop or cafe thrives on community business. This was a time when being 2 metres away was…

  2. X-Pro 1 | Still a Classic

    2021-12-24 12:45:11 UTC
    With the latest developments in the Fuji Ecosystem, it makes my head spin with astonishment at the sheer options available. My museum has grown - long before the lockdown, my collection of Lens and Cameras were set. I have what I need and very happy with my tool box. Today,…

  3. SFS: Life In The Shadows

    2021-12-24 00:41:00 UTC
    Life in the shadows. Seeing the dark. Where the lift falls brings shape and form to the narrative. The most dramatic narrative are those moments where there is no light. Perhaps a slither of light to open up the conversation. Your imagination brings life to the characters into the scene.…

  4. SFS: A Moment To Pause

    2021-12-23 19:55:02 UTC
    I was really taken with this moment. It made me stop. Watch. Observe and simply be still. The woman sat in the railing didn’t move. I don’t even remember creating the image. That’s how quickly it happens the instant I feel the potential story. A story in a single frame.…

  5. SFS: The Light of Hogwarts

    2021-12-21 15:08:00 UTC
    Single Frame Stories. This celebration of Light caught my eye. It instantly reminded me of Hogwarts Castle. I was in Winchester last weekend meeting up with friends of mine. Before being traveling home I walked around the town centre and came across this spectacle of Light. The Colour of Light…

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