The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Suprise

    03 Apr 2019
    I never leave home without my Camera. My iPhone doesn’t count. When I am home it’s usually the X100T. As Professional Magician, I do shows every month all over London - last night I was at The Hertford Theatre. I left home early to catch my Train. At Kings Cross…

  2. See, Feel & Create

    26 Mar 2019
    I saw the potential for this shot yesterday. It was early evening. Time for The Blue Hour. The light was good enough to hand hold my camera and create a sharp image. A slight underexposed to bring out detail in the office lights. Simple edit in Lightroom and Photoshop and…

  3. Repitition

    26 Mar 2019
    I think it is Important to create images of the same subject all the time. While the subject matter may be the same, it is still a different image and creation. The image at the very top was created on my X100T, the second image below on my Canon A1…

  4. Gratitude, Love and Creating a new context for Life

    26 Mar 2019
    My Neighborhood is undergoing some serious regeneration. For the last year it has been a mess. My life has been chaotic with personal challenges. I see this as a sign for a personal inventory of my Heart, Mind and Spirit. The time has come to let go of things that…

  5. Consolidation - Pathway To Excellence

    25 Mar 2019
    As a Professional Magician, I practice my Act daily. Yes, the routines I consider I do well receive a daily tune up. This ritual has carried over into my image creation. It’s a must do, that I create at the very least, one image per day. This means my camera…

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