The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. FV | Candid Vision

    2023-01-23 21:57:05 UTC
    Creating Candid Images is a very powerful expression of photography. I like it. Operating in stealth mode is very powerful. My secret weapon is the XF56mm 1.2. This 85mm Lens is perfect for this style of photography. The 85mm field of view is narrow which means I am at least…

  2. FV | The Earth has Fallen

    2023-01-23 09:09:04 UTC
    Having my Camera with me at all times is a must. The reason is obvious. I EXPECT to be surprised, delight and astonished by life. I just don’t know what life will present to me. When I leave my house, I am ready to respond. Keeping myself open is pure…

  3. FV | The XT1 - An Appreciation

    2023-01-21 22:03:38 UTC
    I have been using my XT1 extensively over the last few weeks. This Camera came out in January 2014. I got mine that year to compliment my X100T - this was a formidable set-up. It took me a while to fully bond with The Fuji EcoSystem. The Mirrorless Approach felt…

  4. FV | My Street & Travel Kit

    2023-01-20 22:31:01 UTC
    If you have followed my Journal, you will have come across the gear I use regularly. It has taken me a long while to narrow down my kit into workable, practical and efficient solution for the images I actively seek out. Let’s break this down so you can understand my…

  5. FV | Raw Power

    2023-01-20 21:46:08 UTC
    In the last year, my editing skills have improved. Thanks to Scott Kelby and his Books on Lightroom, I have a much better understanding of how to literally paint with Light. The Image above is The Raw File. Today, while on the Train home from Blackpool, I did an in…

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