The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. FV | Deep Vision

    2023-01-13 15:01:58 UTC
    The 50mm is the standard Lens. This point of distinction has been the accepted norm for decades. I have written about my love for The Classic Frame of 35mm, so it surprises me that the 50mm get’s top billing as an industry standard optics. The is no question this Lens…

  2. FV | Inside Out

    2023-01-12 15:50:21 UTC
    The image above reflects how I am really seeing now. What my eye and mind sees verses what my Camera can record is worlds apart. The human eye is a marvellous creation. It can see a wider tonal range of bright and dark all in one go. My Camera can…

  3. FV | Night Vision

    2023-01-12 08:46:15 UTC
    A fresh vision at night will almost certainly provide a different expression of Light and where it falls. I love creating images at night. The Light at night transforms everything. The atmosphere and the ambience becomes a visual narrative of…..mystery. The most interesting part of an image is the areas…

  4. FV | Point of Vision

    2023-01-11 20:17:27 UTC
    Fresh Vision for my photography is all about evolving from a gear head into an artist. Becoming a visual artist is a slow process of self-discovery and self awareness. Know thy self. You have heard that phrase I am sure. I know one thing about myself; who I am is…

  5. FV | The Moment

    2023-01-10 23:22:32 UTC
    Creating images everyday sharpens my senses. For what? For seeing the moment. For making connections. Seeing a possible narrative. The Moment is a fleeting expression of life. My response time has improved with time and daily creative opportunities. Life expresses its energy through us. This is what I am open…

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