The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The Paddington Basin

    2022-08-22 22:34:55 UTC
    My mother is now in her fourth week at St Mary’s Hospital. I visit her everyday; with a minimum of two visits. This means she sees me and feels my presence inspite of being in a strange environment. The Hospital is a 20 minute walk from my home. The Number…

  2. 50mm | Setting The Standard

    2022-08-20 19:10:08 UTC
    On my way to The Hospital, I decided to create some images with my Full Frame D700 and the classic 50mm 1.4. I chose this Frame of 50mm just to consolidate my database of knowledge. The 50mm Lens is called a Standard Lens, this means it matches the natural field…

  3. X-Pro 1 | Everyday Beauty

    2022-08-19 12:05:37 UTC
    I have reached a point in life now where my gratitude is anchored in simplicity. To appreciate and acknowledge the simple things is my mission. My Camera. A Deck of Cards. A Cup of Coffee. This is where my Storytelling begins. My Coffee Shop has become my Chill Out Zone. …

  4. Feeling Life

    2022-08-18 09:52:20 UTC
    I don’t think for one minute we are born into this context of life to live in a state of desperation. Yes, our instincts is to survive, by any means and resources at our disposal. I just feel there is a big missing in this reality. We have lost the…

  5. F22 | Epicscape

    2022-08-17 20:25:32 UTC
    I don’t consider myself a Landscape Photographer. I live in the London suburb of Maida Vale. If I lived anywhere remotely close to Hills, Valleys and Mountains,I would be up at the crack of dawn to catch the morning light. Having said that, I have studied the work of great…

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