The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Black & Light

    2021-09-14 16:21:06 UTC
    If you really think about it, the absence of Light reveals nothing. The black canvass is the starting point for a creative revelation. No Light. No Colour. When Light is present, Colour can be stripped away to focus attention of the Light and it’s sculpting ability. I am thinking the…

  2. Magical Light

    2021-09-13 21:15:12 UTC
    This image is from my Archive. This Dome could be from an exotic Church; it’s actually The Dome from The Victoria & Albert Museum. I came across it in my Archive and decided to apply some editing techniques I had learnt in Lightroom. I really love this because of the…

  3. Playing With The Light

    2021-09-13 20:11:13 UTC
    Photography is truly a magical process. Painting with Light is the accepted definition of the craft. I have been actively engaged in studying all that this entails since 2013. It is only now making sense. It’s all about seeing, reading and feeling the Light. You read that right; FEELING. As…

  4. Five Paces & Create

    2021-09-12 22:06:17 UTC
    I walk five paces Stop. I start scanning my surroundings looking for where the light is falling. Repeat. This is an interesting visual training process, because I normally just walk until something catches my attention. Here, no. I am actively seeking, something. Light first. Colour. Texture . One exercise my…

  5. Transformation

    2021-09-12 10:03:39 UTC
    “There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly”.R. Buckminster Fuller Out of the chrysalis the Caterpillar comes to know itself because it breaks free from the shell of its bondage. The pain of transformation reveals a beauty we would never otherwise see. The…

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