The Adventures of The Fuji Warrior

  1. An Expression Of Life - Day 3

    Date 31 Aug 2018
    An expression of life through visual imagery is all about my feelings to what I see. Where I live in London is a beautiful area and full of classic cars. So far, I have counted three Aston Martins and one Classic Bentley. I love these cars and enjoy creating images…

  2. An Expression of Life Day 2

    Date 30 Aug 2018
    I was out last night and fortunately I had my Camera with me. I met up with a friend at The Renaissance Hotel and caught site of this glorious staircase. It fits my project because whoever designed this saw it in their mind and then created it. My feelings exploded…

  3. My New Project | An Expression of Life

    Date 29 Aug 2018
    This week, my focus is on Life in all its forms and expressions. My arms are open wide - its all about me, seeing, feeling and being present to Life. This image spoke to me. I see it everyday and yet, today, I felt differently, simply because of the context…

  4. Project 23mm | People - The face of Lebanon

    Date 27 Aug 2018
    This final post is a tribute to all of the people I encountered during my week long stay in Lebanon. This lovely couple were celebrating their engagement right outside my apartment. You may have seen this image of Judy from a previous post. We chatted about Photography and ended up…

  5. Project 23mm | Lebanon in Panorama

    Date 27 Aug 2018
    I had to wait to until I got home before I could share these images.  These are all Panoramas created on my Xpro 2 in Vertical orientation and then stitched in Lightroom to create this gorgeous expansive views. One Camera, One Lens and a little creative imaging, that is the point…

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