The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The Fuji Warrior in front of the Lens

    2017-01-09 14:43:00 UTC
    Image copyright Carole Pyke This was a fun moment. I had photographed this lady and she in turn caught a double selfie of your truly. My friend and fellow Photographer Carole Pyke caught this moment. The lesson for me here is simple. As a Street Photographer it is important to…

  2. Expanding my Knowledge

    2017-01-08 18:28:00 UTC
    I spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon with my friend Richard and his two boys Keaton and George. Richard invited me to join them and also mentioned to me they were very enthusiastic about image creation. Well, I saw this as an opportunity to share with them what I have learnt…

  3. People of Croatia

    2017-01-05 21:43:00 UTC
    I just thought I would add a few more images from my trip here in Zagreb This final collection shows off the people and a little more of the environment. Here they are, just being themselves, going about life. There is no specific commentary on my part because, I was…

  4. Old Zagreb - My Last Day

    2017-01-05 15:44:00 UTC
    With today being my last day here in Croatia, I decided to hop on the number 6 Tram and head straight into the old town. The heavens opened up and a blizzard made its presence felt. My immediate reaction was one of; "this is great shooting weather". I knew my…

  5. X-Pro2 - Magical and Sublime

    2017-01-04 21:14:00 UTC
    After using the X-Pro 2 now for the last week, I can say it has really grown on me. I really love the X-100T, however, the X-Pro 2 feels really "grown up". For starters, it is a much bigger and bulkier camera in comparison. I am a professional Magician and…

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