The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Fism Portraits

    14 Jul 2018
    When I decided to travel to South Korea, I knew that taking my Fuji was a no brainer. I also knew the my Fuji 18-135mm would be the perfect lens to my XPro2. I chose this over the 16-55mm simply because I just felt the need for a little Telephoto…

  2. FISM 2018 - My World of Magic

    13 Jul 2018
    My career as a magician has opened doors to many wonderful moments. Being here in Busan has afforded me the privilege to participate in the 2018 FISM World Championships. My role here has been to act as one of the principle judges on a panel of distinguished members in the…

  3. Busan -A City Of Visual Delights

    12 Jul 2018
    It’s important to me to explore; Busan is a big city and getting around needs to be addressed so that I could navigate with ease. My friend Ed and I grabbed a cab down to the sea front to get a sense of the place. It’s a visually arresting place. …

  4. A World of Magic in South Korea

    10 Jul 2018
    I am currently writing this story in Busan, South Korea. I am at the World Championships for Magicians. This is FISM; the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques - this is the international body which brings together the world’s leading magic societies. Being British, The Magic Circle is a part of…

  5. Creative Composition

    05 Jul 2018
    I love Cars. The more Classical the better. My neighbourhood is full of classic cars. Who needs The Motor Show to drool? I get to do that every single day, Today was a picture perfect day because I was taken by a fascinating opportunity. I saw two Mercedes Benz, one…

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