The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The Light At Night | Pt lll

    30 Oct 2021
    I checked what time the sun would set for today; 17:38pm. This was very important because once the Sun sets, my window for the Blue hour would be very short. There wasn’t much traffic to begin with. I had to be patient. Getting the timing right is easy enough, just…

  2. The Light At Night | Pt ll

    29 Oct 2021
    This project has taken off. The light at night means seeking the Light. Ok, it’s light coming from bulbs and other sources - doesn’t matter, light is light. In many ways, it’s a lot easier to see the light because the original canvass…..BLACK, makes it easy for the light to…

  3. The Light At Night

    28 Oct 2021
    I have taken on a project of creating images at night. Low Light High ISO - 1600 upwards. Shooting at 1.4 with my XF23mm. Once the clocks go back one hour, it means it will be dark by 16:00pm. That’s early afternoon here and the days not over….yet. This means…

  4. F22: Magic In Winchester

    23 Oct 2021
    My friend Matt lives in Winchester. I decided to pay him a visit today. I felt the strong urge to get out of London and experience something different. This lockdown has killed my enthusiasm to socialise so I am very selective now about who I spend time with. I connected…

  5. F22: Storytelling

    20 Oct 2021
    I chose this tiny Lens for one critical reason. F22. Yes, it’s a tiny Lens. It’s a Fujicron 16mm F2.8 - on my XE 3 it’s such a tiny package you would think it capable. I was seriously tempted with the XF16mm 1.4 but that Lens is huge and most…

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