The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Searching for Hope

    2022-08-08 20:13:10 UTC
    I see no point in keeping these images to myself. Some of the most astonishing moments in life have brought tears to our eyes. This is only because great photographers were courageous enough to document events of unimaginable horror. My mother is doing ok, she is stable. Her Nurse Rebbecca…

  2. 35mm CF | Paddington Basin

    2022-08-06 21:21:31 UTC
    The Paddington Basin has become a spectacular site and playground. The regeneration has made it a very fashionable place to live, work, relax and for me, create images. This is where The Grand Union Canal ends or begins depending on where you live. This long snaking Canal cuts through the…

  3. Urban Memories

    2022-08-05 13:51:34 UTC
    The Urban Landscape is transforming. Out with the old. Memories of my childhood playground. An adventure playground waiting for innocence and creative immagimation. At every turn and corner, a surprise, a delight; Knock Down Ginger was as thrilling as Bumper Cars. Now, a clinical Landscape. Urban Facelift. A transformation waiting…

  4. X100F | Classic Frame at 50mm

    2022-08-04 12:21:05 UTC
    The Classic Frame of 35mm will always be a constant. The only thing that changes is the field of view of the chosen Lens. This is what I find most fascinating; the 35mm Frame when paired with a 35mm Lens is a PERFECT collaboration. Only now after 9 years of…

  5. 35mm CF | A Little Piece of Heaven

    2022-08-04 09:45:57 UTC
    Learning to appreciate what we already have is a required skill right now. The information age has completely rewired our brains. This is the age of unlimited pattern interruptions, Dopamine Hits, excessive consumption and instant gratification. With my mother in hospital, holding onto life, I ask myself, “what is the…

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