The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Humanism | Moments of Stillness

    2022-11-13 21:46:10 UTC
    Moments of stillness. To be still, is to truly know oneself. Still in one’s own being. Stillness is a beautiful expression of life. No pretence. No judgment. Just an authentic statement that communicates…….. I AM That’s it… I AM…… To be continued…. Thanks for reading

  2. Humaism Photography | Life on The Run

    2022-11-12 22:15:29 UTC
    The title of the post is a big credit to Henri Cartier Bresson. My research in to Humanism in Photography has revealed a lot of inspiration from French Photographers. Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Robert Kapa and Brassai all excelled at this discpline. Life on the run conveys energy and…

  3. Humanism | Observing

    2022-11-12 12:12:03 UTC
    Since I started this Project, I have noticed my observation becoming sharper and in tune with life. Observing goes beyond looking. Observing is seeing with real intent. What is going on or happening right in front of me? This question initiates a powerful point of focus on a given scene…

  4. Humanism | Tribe

    2022-11-12 09:53:19 UTC
    Humanism - Tribe | Wanna be in My Gang?Remember that song from the 1970s?It’s 2022 and the vibe now is Tribe. Developing a Tribe, Crew, Posses or Team to experience and share life with.This aspect of Humanism speaks right to the core of authentic relationships, trust, safety, rapport and a…

  5. Humanism | Connection

    2022-11-10 18:34:45 UTC
    Connection is right at the heart of the human experience. Who we are is tied directly to the people we love. The image above communicated two stories to me. One, a lone figure on her phone in contrast to a mother fully engaged with her daughter. I could easily make…

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