The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. A Brand New Context

    2022-12-24 14:43:04 UTC
    My Mother inspired me to believe in Jesus. Right from my earliest childhood, she read stories to me from The Bible. My faith is strong. The life of Jesus truly is the greatest story ever told. I can remember seeing the film which featured Max Von Sydow. I was really…

  2. Fast Primes

    2022-12-22 22:14:02 UTC
    In the last 10 years, I have accumulated enough knowledge about Cameras and Lens. I now know what works for me. I figured this out simply because I HAD TO. I would happily travel the world with the X-Pro1 and the XF18-55mm F2.8-F4. That set-up is perfect for everything except…

  3. Everlasting Memories

    2022-12-22 17:52:46 UTC
    I am so glad I created images of my Mother over the last few years. These are all I now have left of her; her spirit lives on in me and my images remind me of the love we shared. I now see the point of being an image creator.…

  4. Transformation

    2022-12-17 16:39:41 UTC
    My beloved Mother has died. December 6th, 23:55pm 2022; 82 years young. I saw mum take her last Breath, it was all over, so I thought. After the nurse confirmed her pulse had stopped, I sat quietly in the chair opposite her bed and just watch my Mother’s body. This…

  5. Humanism | The Presence of People

    2022-12-05 12:09:34 UTC
    Humanism in Photography doesn’t always need to feature people. The presence of people is everywhere even without their physical being. In fact, I find the lack of physical being very powerful; it communicates a story about something. I can feel the emotion of a lost doll, someone in a hurry…

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