The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. 2020 Vision

    22 Apr 2020
    Got up early today and while enjoying my morning Coffee, I did q quick curation of a few images and created a new context around them. 2020 Vision is a phrase we all know; perfect vision as I understand it. Yes a play on words and relevant right now. This…

  2. Up Close With Nature

    21 Apr 2020
    Right now, intimacy is on my mind. As I go about my day, people who I see every day are keeping their distance. Social Distance is one thing, emotional and psychological Distancing is something entirely different. I am a natural empath - if I was a Jedi Knight, Second to…

  3. Respite

    20 Apr 2020
    She is my world Always has been and always will be. Learning to be her Carer has been the toughest experience of my life. There is no greater honour in life than being responsible for a human being. Parent, President, School Teacher, Business Owner, all responsible for the lives of…

  4. Present Moment Living

    20 Apr 2020
    This Pandemic has giving me impetus to go through my Archive. I know for a fact I have clocked over 10,000 images. Henri Cartier suggested our first 10,000 would be our worst. It’s astonishing to think this phrase preceded Malcolm Gladwells 10,000 hours of practice by several decades. Practicing comes…

  5. Uncertainty

    20 Apr 2020
    This Pandemic is providing an interesting filter for my image creation right now. Framing. Gaps. Dissecting. All of this is informing and impacting how I see moments. I saw this moment from my balcony and thought this is another example of Isolation and Distancing. If this Pandemic had not occurred,…

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