The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Grand Staircase

    02 Oct 2018
    This image was created at The St.Pancras Hotel. I just had to. It would have been rude not to. What does a self respecting Photographer do when taken by a scene like this. Create an image. I must be honest. This moment was created using my Nikon D7100 and the…

  2. Gritty Point Of View

    01 Oct 2018
    My editing has taken a different turn. It takes time to Learn. Patience. Now that Lightroom makes a little more sense, I intend to be more creative with my film simulations and post exiting I enjoyed stripping the colour away, only just. Not black and white, not full blown colour.…

  3. A Return To Canary Wharf

    01 Oct 2018
    This is a part of London I really enjoy. Tall Buildings. Fascinating Architecture. Angles. Lines. Geometry. I was using my X100T today. 35mm Field of view. Classic Chrome set to -2 Colour. Exposure compensation used to add drama. The inside of the station is stunning geometry. 9 images shot vertical…

  4. The Streets | A Canvas for Expression

    30 Sep 2018
    The expression of art can happen anywhere. What I find interesting is, the streets has now become a canvass for the expression of art and life. All the world is a stage, Shakespeare said. Our stage, the streets, is stage for everyone to express themselves. Looking over his shoulder, i…

  5. Another Day Of Gorgeous Light

    27 Sep 2018
    It’s silly to complain about Light. Like we have a say in the matter. My job is to understand her quality and direction that’s all. It’s a relationship. At times, a frustrating one. Other times, a tap dance of loving bliss. The images today would have looked so different yesterday…

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