The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Right Lens For The Subject

    2023-08-01 22:19:00 UTC
    Let’s stop and think for a minute. If you had to start all over again what Camera would you use and what Lens would be your first? When I look at how much gear I have amassed now it’s astonishing to me. It has taken me 10 years to arrive…

  2. The Focus on Lifght

    2023-08-01 10:58:32 UTC
    Light. This is Photography. Right there, in that four letter word, the only thing that matters to the creation of an image. I have come to really appreciate and dare I say love The Light. I am talking about seeing the Light and making it my PRIMARY SUBJECT. If the…

  3. Tamworth

    2023-07-31 21:31:09 UTC
    Over the last weekend, I attended the Wedding of my friend Simon Lee. He invited me as a guest and entertainer. I presented my show for everyone and created images as I went along. It was a wonderful wedding. As is my normal habit, when I visit a new place,…

  4. 35mm Crop | Standard Vision

    2023-07-30 06:00:50 UTC
    There is a lot to be said for sticking with one Focal Length for a period of time. Since returning from Amsterdam, I have used my 50mm. I really like it, so much so, I was considering the Sigma 50mm Art Lens 1.4. I realised if I used my Sigma…

  5. Visions of Amsterdam | City Centre

    2023-07-27 18:22:42 UTC
    For our second performance, Rico and I caught The Tram from the local station. This gave me an opportunity to see Amsterdam by Tram and observe daily life on the way to the venue. This felt all knew you me because I had not traveled by Tram on my previous…

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