The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. My Life

    11 Sep 2021
    I am greatfull to my father for planting the seed of photography within me. When I look at my old photographs, this was the moment when painting with light became a possibility. Over the last year, all of my images have come from me documenting my neighbourhood. This is fine…

  2. Observational Photography

    10 Sep 2021
    I started this project unconsciously. One image. A singular moment. A story and narrative that is feature rich in context and meaning. My neughbourhood High speed broadband upgrade. Who cares? I don’t. Doesn’t mean we are any closer connected. The world has gone mad.

  3. Spot The Difference

    25 Aug 2021
    Spot Metering. It has taken me this long to understand it. I can’t explain why it confused me. The technical language behind its functionality is probably the cause of my co fusion. Once I grasp a concept, I practice like there’s no tomorrow, just to lock it in my mind…

  4. Embracing The Light

    24 Aug 2021
    My Mother is my Alarm Clock. 05:00 am. She is up. No point negotiating about going back to bed. Broken Sleep Pattern. Grumpy start to the day. Dementia doesn’t care. I shower, get ready and head to the bakery. The morning Light reminds me everything is ok. Life continues because…

  5. X-Pro1 | Understanding Exposure

    23 Aug 2021
    I have been reading many reviews and watching a few videos on YouTube about the merits of the X-ProI in 2021. This Camera was released in 2012. The Technology in this Camera is now considered old compared to the X-Pro System that Fuji has update in the last ten years.…

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