The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. East Coast Journal | Day 7

    16 Nov 2018
    Once I moved to my Hotel in New Jersey, I was right on the edge of a Freeway. That did not stop me from creating images. My mantra of creating at least one image a day brings me closer to Image Creation Heaven. Practice is my daily ritual. It makes…

  2. East Cost Journal | Day 6

    10 Nov 2018
    This image was created with the Metabones adapter on my XPro2 using a 50mm 1.8 lens This Lens has the Aperture Ring on the Lens Barrel. The Adapter means old Nikon Lens or even Canon can be used in full manual mode on The Fuji System. With Focus Peaking at…

  3. East Coast Journal | Day 5

    09 Nov 2018
    I spent the whole day traveling today. A long journey from D.C. to Philadelphia with an extra local train towards New Jersey. My stop was Philmont. This excursion was feature rich with photographic moments. The Light was gorgeous around Union Station. The architecture stunning. I was truly spoilt, my camera…

  4. East Coast Journal | Day 4

    08 Nov 2018
    I have been enjoying my time in D.C. I realised how tired I have been, first time in ages I have slept well. The place is perfect for reflecting and giving thanks. I come to appreciate even more how much I value my family and friends. I have been staying…

  5. East Coast Journal - Day 3

    06 Nov 2018
    The International Association of Black Magical Artist Summit has finished for another two years. I certainly look forward to the next event. I got a cab straight to George Town to spend time with my friend Darwin Ortiz. I was very tired, the clocks went back another hour and completely…

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