The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. News Flash

    2017-05-05 13:22:54 UTC
    Daily news, it keeps us all up to date with current and world affairs. It’s the same new everyday happening to someone else. Britexit, death, politics, unhappiness left right and centre. A total absence of joy. The big news was Prince Phillip stepping down from his Royal Duties. The even…

  2. Honour our Elders

    2017-05-03 19:19:51 UTC
    I saw this elderly gentleman taking shots last Saturday and I just had to say hello. He was friendly and gracious, we chated briefly about cameras and shooting. This encounter got me thinking. I just had this feeling in my heart - if I can be out shooting well into…

  3. The Game of Life

    2017-05-03 19:03:36 UTC
    This Blog Post is dedicated to my friend Julian, a 9 year old Chess prodigy. Chess is a fascinating game. It could almost be the the game of life, in a none threatening context. And yet, it is full of implications and outcomes so closely related to the study of…

  4. Life on the Edge

    2017-05-03 18:07:42 UTC
    We come into this world empty. Full of possibility. Pure potential. No Fear. Since I started learning about Photography, I knew that I wanted to photograph people from all walks of life. I was surprised how confronting it was to asks  complete stranger that I found interesting, “can I take

  5. Selfridges Beauties

    2017-05-02 20:30:47 UTC
    It was a lovely day last Saturday The Sun on Oxford Circus was beautiful, the light was perfect. I was walking down Oxford Street with my friends Aljaz and Petra enjoying the Buskers. I was shooting away and caught sight of these two lovely ladies outside Selfridges. I went into…

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