The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. 83 Years Young

    2022-09-05 20:07:31 UTC
    This was a moment of pure magic. The Nurses in mum’s ward all gathered around her bed and sang “Happy Birthday”. I did not expect this; you can imagine my surprise when I arrived today. The Nurse on reception said “Its your mum’s Birthday, we always buy a cake if…

  2. The Craft of Photography

    2022-09-04 20:22:39 UTC
    Photography is a wonderful craft and technical discipline. This study and practice is on going and never ending. The different genres, subject matters and projects all come with its own subset of skills and creative expression💫. If I lived in the country side, there is no question or doubt in…

  3. Immersive Image Creation

    2022-09-03 20:16:23 UTC
    I am experiencing a shift in my creation of images. This features everything I have learnt over the last 9 Years. Street Photography is such a dynamic expression. It demands so much from me; the number one core skill is a fearless get the shot spirit and mind set. I…

  4. Carnival 2022 | Final Thoughts

    2022-09-02 15:27:28 UTC
    The joy of Carnival 2022 is a tribute to the people who came with one intention; to celebrate. It was astonishing to see normal people behind their stalls preparing food and sharing their joy of Caribbean Culture. People cued up patiently in order to partake in the experience. The atmosphere…

  5. Sleeping Beauty

    2022-09-01 11:14:55 UTC
    How many times did I close my eyes and she watched over me as I slept peacefully? She sleeps now with me as the silent watchful guardian. My life has become profoundly empty. The space of nothing can never be filled with anything external. I could allow myself the self…

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