The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Searching for Beauty

    2022-10-11 12:53:48 UTC
    Searching for Beauty is inspired by Saul Leiter. The quest to find beauty in the everyday moments of life is of great interest to me. The things I see everyday is my reason to feel joyful and hopeful. I believe gratitude is at the source of this exploration. Nature reveals…

  2. Taken by a Moment

    2022-10-08 00:04:55 UTC
    To be taken by a moment is to allow the magic of life to touch your heart. I keep myself open to this possibility. To be see something different. Unusual. Disturbing. Joyful. This keeps my sense of wonder alive. The Light makes it all possible. “I don't have to chase…

  3. My Two Favorites

    2022-10-06 21:14:04 UTC
    When it comes to my tools of choice, hands down, The X-Pro 1 & The Nikon D700 are my absolute favourite Cameras. These two are my everyday Cameras; let me show you why. Take a look at these two images. Can you tell which Camera took each image? I promise…

  4. Day Light - Night Light

    2022-10-06 09:41:12 UTC
    When the subject is The Light, it changes is everything. l decided to focus my attention just on this element. The Light is London yesterday felt bright so my exposure was for the Highlights. I was not too focused on any specific subject matter, just the quality and direction of…

  5. BNI West One | Monthly Social Event-Part 2

    2022-10-02 22:29:02 UTC
    Welcome to Part Two of The BNI West One Monthly Social Event. The first half of our day was spent going back in time on board the Trans-Atlantic Steam Ship The SS Great Britain. We worked up an appetite. As we walked to the Restaurant, it started raining. Yuk. It…

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