The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Daily Ritual

    2018-10-16 20:48:23 UTC
    My friend and coach, Bryan Peterson has encouraged all of us to KEEP SHOOTING. I took this to heart. My intention is to create, at the very least, one image a day, no exception. This way of shooting feels good. It lifts my mood and spirit. Being deaf is no…

  2. Natural Light | Mum

    2018-10-13 14:10:32 UTC
    I create images of my Mother regularly. These are for me. My memories. Life is impermanent. I choose to celebrate with her now. As time marches on each moment captured is a celebration. A joy. Each image A reminder of love, through our family United.

  3. Self Portrait

    2018-10-04 23:14:46 UTC
    Gritty. Somewhat dark. Shades of melancholy. That’s my world right now. A time for regeneration. Chaotic destruction required for the rebuilding to begin. Finding a sanctuary for peace and contemplation has been a blessing. Out of the ashes, The Phoenix has rising.🙏🏾 In spite of things, life today reminded me…

  4. Grand Staircase

    2018-10-02 22:41:49 UTC
    This image was created at The St.Pancras Hotel. I just had to. It would have been rude not to. What does a self respecting Photographer do when taken by a scene like this. Create an image. I must be honest. This moment was created using my Nikon D7100 and the…

  5. Gritty Point Of View

    2018-10-01 23:18:29 UTC
    My editing has taken a different turn. It takes time to Learn. Patience. Now that Lightroom makes a little more sense, I intend to be more creative with my film simulations and post exiting I enjoyed stripping the colour away, only just. Not black and white, not full blown colour.…

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