The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Light Source & The Fuji System Part Two

    2018-08-11 10:48:12 UTC
    Enhancing Ambient Light with Off Camera Flash has become a very important part of my Portrait work. I am currently using The Yongnou Flash with Wireless Trigger and they work perfectly. My Off Camera set-up is very straight forward; I use a Manfrotto Light-Stand with attachment for my Flash and…

  2. Light Source and The X System Part One

    2018-08-09 20:09:42 UTC
    When I first invested in my Flash, I was intimidated beyond measure. I did not have a clue. The manual might as well have been about quantum physics let alone an independent light source. I gave up in sheer frustration. Two saviours came to my rescue. Bryan Peterson and Neil…

  3. Slowing Down

    2018-08-06 22:00:53 UTC
    I discovered recently how lazy my photography had become. It was quite a subtle realisation. It all occurred when I purchased on eBay The Canon A1. The Canon A1 is a throw back to a time when Analogue 35mm Film Photography was the only game in town. The ISO of…

  4. The Noritsu S1 -11

    2018-07-31 23:25:51 UTC
    The image above is a piece of twenty year old technology. It is an incredible example of engineering that I saw today in full operation. All me to back track for a moment. This is Hanif. He is part of the photographic team at Kodak Express on Kilburn High Road.…

  5. Fuji 27mm F2.8

    2018-07-30 12:42:44 UTC
    This is a truly amazing Len. It’s small size really undermines its power and versatility. Yes, you read that right, this Pancake Lens offers a field of view slightly wider than 50mm and it is perfect without being too Wide Angle, if you know what I mean. The form factor…

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