The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Trees At Night

    2021-11-30 20:57:31 UTC
    I just popped out to the shops with my camera in hand. I knew the Pines and Needles Crew would still be working hard. Perfect timing. They were serving a customer. She found the Tree she wanted. All that was needed was to saw of the end and net the…

  2. Multi-Discipline

    2021-11-29 23:25:45 UTC
    Documenting Pines and Needles Christmas Tree Sales has proven me correct. It has become an opportunity to document everything about this narrative. Yes, The Trees are the context. However, there is Close-up Photography, Environmental Scenery , Portraits, Candid Moments. All of these different aspects of Photography can be a deep…

  3. Little Venice

    2021-11-28 12:15:47 UTC
    It’s a short walk from my home to this stunning part of West London. I love walking this neighbourhood - it features as part of my stillness and meditation. The Patio in the image above is the perfect place to stop, take a seat and be still. From this vantage…

  4. Eye for Detail

    2021-11-27 16:12:06 UTC
    I’m really enjoying documenting the sale of Christmas Trees in my neighbourhood. The company Pines and Needles have set up a number of stores throughout London Every day, I’ll check out the store on my street corner and observe the activity of Santas Helpers interacting with the general public. This…

  5. The Epic Vision

    2021-11-27 09:59:00 UTC
    The epic vision begins in the mind. We look with our eyes. We see with our minds. This means seeing deeply into the visual narrative. The Wide Angle Lens allows us the possibility to create as close as possibilities our vision. I don’t live in the country side so creating…

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