The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Contemplation : Seeing Deeply

    14 Mar 2021
    With every image of her, I get to see deeply into the true nature of love. What is this nature? The true nature of love is to contribute and serve. You will not know this for yourself until the person you profess to love can no longer take care of…

  2. Contrmplative Images

    12 Mar 2021
    I have started a new study with my Photography - Contemplation. Seeing deeply Feeling intently Allowing the moment to just be. This moment speaks volumes. Stillbess Early morning tiredness Confusion caused by Dementia. And… There’s my own internal sadness and documenting this cruel and brutal human experience. My Mother has…

  3. Contemplative Creations

    11 Mar 2021
    My new project is about seeing deeply. Contemplation is a personal enquiry into myself. Who am I? So what? Do I matter? Does it matter? I am grateful to this subject of Photography. It has allowed me another access for engaging with my life and being alive. Creating images is…

  4. 30 Day Project Day 30: New Beginning

    10 Mar 2021
    30 Days of using The XF18-55mm taught me many things. I learnt simply that learning to use what I have is more important than the latest and greatest new equipment. G.A.S. has its time and place. It shouldn’t get in the way of progress and mastery, As I said, I…

  5. 30 Day Challenge Day 29: Process

    09 Mar 2021
    It’s an ongoing process of learning Seeing. Vision. Feeling. It’s been an amazing journey the last 30 Days. I have come to appreciate the gift of sight and seeing with my heart. Beauty in the ordinary. I often think why? What is the point of this? I create images everyday…

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