The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Saving Daylight

    2021-11-14 21:59:39 UTC
    I am so glad I embraced creating images at night. When the clocks go back 1 hour, it will be late afternoon. Every year we have this. Daylight saving hours. To be honest, I don’t see the point. I find it very disruptive to my sleep pattern.This time of day…

  2. Santas Helpers

    2021-11-14 20:12:07 UTC
    The Pines and Needles Team are arriving. So far, I have met Julienne about and Luke below. The sales of Tree are happening. The Trees look lovely, especially when photographed at night. It’s a slow start. It’s gathering momentum. To be continued. Thanks for reading

  3. The Trees are Here

    2021-11-12 16:29:33 UTC
    They move very quickly.I just popped out and there they were…..Trees.Lots of them.All neatly lined up like Soldiers on parade. It was very exciting because I saw the workmen off loading the Trees from the Truck on the side road. The made a long journey from Scotland.They are here. I…

  4. The Trees Are Coming

    2021-11-12 14:14:54 UTC
    It’s a big thrill to be asked by Pines and Needles to be their official Photographer. This allows me the full range of options in terms of how to best to document this wonderful visual treat. The workmen are getting things set up. They even ask me to create their…

  5. L.L.V. | West End At Night

    2021-11-11 18:19:37 UTC
    My first trip into the West End in a year felt like a trip to the moon. It felt profoundly strange and foreign. It was still familiar and yet, alien. I was doing my show at The Backstage Bar. It is a perfect venue for magical entertainment. The Grand Staircase…

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