The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Happy Easter | A Time to Rejoice

    2022-04-16 18:49:03 UTC
    Everyday is a miracle now. My Camera is by my side all day. I am vigilant because when mum gives me the look I have come to know and love, I see the woman who raised me. All praise to the most high - we get to rejoice another Easter…

  2. Wednesday Respite

    2022-04-14 20:11:22 UTC
    Being a Carer is a tough gig - its not for sissies. To be willing to be responsible for another human being is the highest honour. I fail everyday at some point of duty. I do it because it all on me - its my loving duty. This is my…

  3. Tuesday Stories

    2022-04-12 19:00:14 UTC
    I really feel comfortable with the wider frame. 28mm is the context in which life and its expression fills my natural frame. Children have no concern about whose watching, they simply express their vibe. Honest authentic Self Expression is our natural DNA. William Shakespeare told us “all the world is…

  4. Magical Monday

    2022-04-11 19:12:50 UTC
    This is how my day began. Cards & Coffee while my laundry spins. So much gratitude for this moment. So simple, so peaceful, so much quiet gentle joy. She sleeps, quietly, with peace. I am her watchful guardian. I love my neighbourhood, my home. It has a quiet dignity -…

  5. Stories | Sunday Glory

    2022-04-10 18:09:57 UTC
    As the golden light cast across her face I thought this would be an ideal moment to create a photo. This is how I roll as a photographer. I seek the magic in the Light and where it falls.My friend looks beautiful and I told her so and she loves…

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