The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Mixing Things Up

    2022-05-13 18:04:46 UTC
    I get bored very quickly. I know how to manage my boredom. I like shocking my nervous system with fresh input. I do this with my craft of magic by practicing different combinations and routines. With my Photography, I keep things intetesting by using different Focal Lengths. I have a…

  2. My Visual Identity

    2022-05-12 22:22:35 UTC
    My Photographic Identity is slowly revealing itself to me. This daily Journal of words and images is showing me exactly what is going on inside of me. Space Lots of it. A lot of my images reveal SPACE. The 28mm Field of View is my natural Frame. Seeing Space, deeply…

  3. The Big Print

    2022-05-12 15:07:20 UTC
    When I created this image, I had the feeling it could be special. It was overcast with typical London rain threatening to upset my day. I was on a Workshop with Bryan Peterson doing Street Photography. After editing the RAW File, I saw the full beauty in the image. I…

  4. Little Amsterdam

    2022-05-12 13:24:09 UTC
    Maida Vale may as well be called “Little Amsterdam”. We have The Grand Union Canal snaking its way through Little Venice. People live on Barges. My neighbourhood is full of Bicycles. Bicycles are everywhere. It’s a perfect representation of The Netherlands; Canals & Bicycles. I don’t got get bored creating…

  5. Highlights & Shadows

    2022-05-11 20:16:49 UTC
    Cameras today have become Computers. They are now capable of seeing in the dark. The Human Eye has not been upgraded since man first walked the Earth and looked up to the Heavens. The Eye is truly a miraculous creation. It just cannot zoom in on subjects far away. If…

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