The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Night Shift

    2023-03-12 22:25:50 UTC
    The world looks and feels different at night. Everything changes. The Mood. The Ambience. The colour of Light transforms completely. Life takes on a different quality of expression. Warmth. Humanity. Safety & Connection. Even the dawns early Light has power and meaning - well just before sun rise. Creating images…

  2. Close

    2023-03-09 18:15:24 UTC
    Fuji Film knew exactly what they were doing when they released the original trilogy; XF18mm F2, XF35mm F1.4 & The XF60mm F2.4. The XF60mm is a Macro Lens which means it can focus real close. 60mm on The Fuji X-System equals 90mm on FX so this is a short telephoto…

  3. Wintering

    2023-03-04 16:41:54 UTC
    Wintering. I had not heard this expression before. My friend Marie Noelle brought it to my attention recently. It is the title of Book by Katherine May. Wintering is a term that described a period of time where we as individuals feel the need to shut down, go into exile,…

  4. 40mm

    2023-03-03 14:32:12 UTC
    The 40mm Field of View has become a very interesting Frame for me. In the image above, you can see my X-T1 fitted with The TTArtisan 27mm F2.8. This tiny Pancake of a Lens gives me a field of view equal to 40.5mm on Full Frame Camera. At 40mm, it…

  5. The Warmth of Light

    2023-03-02 15:43:05 UTC
    The Temperature of Light has a powerful impact on my mood and emotional state. When I leave my house, the first thing I do is take a Temperature reading of the Light. I don’t need any fancy equipment to this. I can feel it. Today was perfect, I could feel…

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