The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Selfridges Beauties

    2017-05-02 20:30:47 UTC
    It was a lovely day last Saturday The Sun on Oxford Circus was beautiful, the light was perfect. I was walking down Oxford Street with my friends Aljaz and Petra enjoying the Buskers. I was shooting away and caught sight of these two lovely ladies outside Selfridges. I went into…

  2. Making Connections

    2017-05-02 20:24:21 UTC
    My personality as a Street Photographer is all about making connections with people - this comes from my work as a professional magician. I can’t help it, it is who I am.  Without connections, who are we? I walk about with a smile on my face, camera at the ready.…

  3. Sheer Madness

    2017-05-02 20:03:19 UTC
    What is wrong with people? Drivers are now held accountable for using their phones while driving, What about Cyclist? The number of road tragedies concerning Cyclist has risen. It is likely to rise even further if this moment is anything to go by. The people across the road seem to…

  4. The Colour of Life

    2017-05-02 19:49:09 UTC
    These three images represent a moment in time when I saw, felt the moment and caught a wonderful expression of life. The first image was my emotional reaction. The second image, I was more daring and one of the girl caught me shooting - I smiled, she smiled back. I…

  5. Buskers Delight

    2017-05-02 19:22:00 UTC
    I am learning very quickly that speed on the streets is a required skill. I have been shooting recently with my camera set to Shutter Speed Priority with an action stopping speed of 1/500sec with my ISO set between 400-1600. This set up on my X-Pro 2 has yielded some…

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