The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. A Space for Miracles

    2017-01-31 21:22:00 UTC
    I am a Professional Magician and really love presenting my show to the public. A live performance cannot be beaten for the shared experience and intimacy that gets created - I love it. I really love the time before the audience takes their seat, like the moment when I took…

  2. A Blast from the Past

    2017-01-30 01:20:00 UTC
    The last time I saw one of these cars, I may have been around ten years old. Small looking car with only three wheels I watched in fascination as this little three wheeler attempted a three point turn. Two busses got caught in this little drama. The gentleman who owned…

  3. Tennis from The Gods

    2017-01-29 19:22:00 UTC
    I kept believing that Roger Federer had another Grand Slam win in him. Time is an honest assessor of our ability. As we get older, our powers diminish. I remember the great rivalry of Ali and Fraser - those two brought out the best in each other and also a…

  4. Is Life Empty & Meaningless

    2017-01-27 13:54:00 UTC
    I almost missed this story. I want to thank my friend Serenia Taylor for point this out to me. She said and I quote: ” Beautiful pictures Mike & great post w/your pictures & your words, you bring so much of your world into mine (feels like I am there

  5. Expanding My Comfort Zone

    2017-01-27 11:53:00 UTC
    The Comfort Zone is a very insidious place to live. While it feels safe, warm and cozy, it robs us of the possibility to grow and become more than what we think we can. As a professional magician by trade, the very nature of practicing legerdemain, sleight of hand etc,…

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