The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Expressive Vision

    2020-03-12 14:12:27 UTC
    It’s a new decade. A time to really express my vision. Global news. Stories of doom, global panic, human loss and tragedy. Saying good bye to friends is never easy. Lasting moments, celebrating life, gratitude for time spent together. Appreciating time with mum even more precious. To Martina and Roy,…

  2. Precious Time

    2020-02-05 22:12:38 UTC
    The transient nature of life is unpredictable. How many heart beats left. Here today. Gone tomorrow. We live to die. Life continues its ebb and flow. Dear friends left, no time to say good by. Mum is still here, another day to my best until that dreadful.

  3. The Next Decade - 2020

    2020-01-30 15:28:56 UTC
    As I reflect on this last month of this new decade, I can see one conversation that has been a constant; my Mother. As her Dementia attempts to grip her memories tightly, I stand guard and keep my dearest mum active and engaged in life. She has become my photographic…

  4. Argentina - A Day out in Boca

    2020-01-30 15:06:51 UTC
    My friends and I enjoyed a day in La Boca. It is a very colourful part of Buenos Aries - almost like a street party festival. The first thing that struck me about Boca was the colourful atmosphere. This place was the home of Diego Maradona’s Football Club. You could…

  5. Emotional Content

    2019-10-30 13:44:19 UTC
    The title of this post reflects my current awareness. My images now are full of emotional content. This means my emotions are full engaged with my subjects long before I choose to create any Images. Very often, the light, the context, the shape and design will catch my eye. In…

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