The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Today | Sunshine & Heat

    2022-07-14 19:07:34 UTC
    It has been documented to shoot in the shade and to avoid harsh midday sun light. While it becomes difficult controlling how much light gets recorded on our sensor, its not mission impossible. Finding shade is a good idea. It makes it easier to achieve a good exposure. The Sunny…

  2. Fearless Capture

    2022-07-13 12:16:40 UTC
    Fearless Capture is all about being 100% responsive in the moment. I am not looking specifically for a photo. I am open to the possibility of a story - A Visual Story. My current narrative is Characters. Individuals who project an unapologetic vibe and energy about themselves. This really captures…

  3. Expressive Colour

    2022-07-12 19:05:35 UTC
    The expression of Colour is a glorification of The Light. Light is the reason Colour has life to us. Today was glorious because Colour really spoke to me. Colour is difficult to ignore. Having eyes doesn’t mean you really see it. Colour must be felt. The full spectrum of Colour…

  4. Open & Receptive

    2022-07-12 17:49:10 UTC
    I didn’t set out with the Colour Yellow in mind today. Today became an expression of Colour and Vivid connections. I was taken aback by how much this Colour was on display today. It was like life saying to me, “be happy” - its all going to be ok. Life…

  5. Painting with Light

    2022-07-12 11:33:25 UTC
    The beauty of The Mirrorless System is being able to fine tune my exposure - “paint with light” - before I create the image. I can see with precision where the light is falling, and see the contrast detail and most importantly, expose for my highlights correctly. Shooting into the…

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