The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Exploring Beauty

    2022-06-10 14:30:39 UTC
    My journey over the last seven years has brought me in direct conversation with this paradox of Beauty. As Lao Tzu writes in his 2nd Verse of The Tao Te Ching; “When everyone in the world sees beauty, then ugly exists. This Paradox and duality lives right at the core…

  2. The Study of Colour | Moments

    2022-06-09 21:51:49 UTC
    I was contemplating today, again, Why? Why am I doing this? I am not a Professional. My Images lives mostly in Cyber Space - Instagram, this Blog space for whoever cares enough. I Print my Images only when I feel COMPELLED to do so. Why, what is the point? It’s…

  3. The Study of Colour | Expression

    2022-06-08 20:30:25 UTC
    It’s everywhere, you can take it for granted, assuming you are not blind. The one thing you cannot do is ignore it. You would feel its absence if we lived in a world full of different shades of great. The impact of Colour in our world and our ability to…

  4. The Study of Colour | Orange

    2022-06-05 12:28:29 UTC
    Here we have an extraordinary additive. The Colour Orange sits right between Red & Yellow on The Colour Wheel. On either side of Orange we have subtle shades moving towards lighter shades of Red & Yellow - Peach Colour or Rose - with a lot more variety. Todays visual study…

  5. The Study of Colour | Regal Purple

    2022-06-04 10:34:41 UTC
    Todays Post is dedicated to my best friend Julian When the Colours Red and Blue mix together, magic happens. This miracle collaboration brings a transformation so miraculous it is breath taking. This additive Colour Combination cannot exist without the cooperation of Red and Blue. This partnership is a miracle of…

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