The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Form Factor & Results

    2023-02-16 14:11:45 UTC
    The Image above shows my X-T1 paired with TTArtisan 27mm F2.8. This set up transforms the whole unit into a lovely, light weight package. The 27mm F2.8 is a Pancake Lens and its field of view gives a Full Frame equivalent of 40.5mm. This field of view offers up a…

  2. Mental Health & Photography

    2023-02-16 10:02:10 UTC
    Is there a connection between Photography and sustaining good Mental Health? I believe there this and a strong argument for it. When I made the choice to give up my career and look after my mother, my state of mind took a massive hit. I was not prepared for the…

  3. Street Vibe

    2023-02-15 15:51:22 UTC
    What is Street Photography? This is a deceptive question. I have read and listened to many variations and interpretations on what this creative discipline is. Some definitions made sense to me. Ultimately, I decided to craft my own expression. Here it is. I began with a simple distinction; I create…

  4. Valentines Day Vision

    2023-02-14 19:24:35 UTC
    While today is my Birthday, I still felt the need to acknowledge my Mother and be still. She is now on the other side watching over me. I still use this day to be still, think of her and commune with her spirit. Today, I saw blue sky. Beautiful it…

  5. A Frame Worthy Day

    2023-02-13 19:41:35 UTC
    Worthy moments are everywhere. This is my belief. I don’t always see them, however, I am training myself to be open to these possibilities. I keep my mind and heart open simply because it allows me to be free in the moment when I see a potential narrative. A potential…

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