The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Life & Death

    2021-08-10 10:51:17 UTC
    Life. A profound mystery. What is this mystery? I have been studying The Tao Te Ching and the 2nd verse speaks of living this great paradox of life & death, the duality of beauty vs ugly. We see this duality play out in nature perfectly through the changing seasons. With…

  2. Mental Health

    2021-08-09 11:56:13 UTC
    From Politicians to world class Athletes, Mental Health is a big conversation right now. My friend Julian James asked me to support him in creating some images of him. These images would feature his carefully crafted message “The Is All Temporary”. Julian has made a name for himself by holding…

  3. Ask

    2021-07-30 07:30:57 UTC
    This is Rachel. Seeing her Sunbathing on my road stopped me dead in my tracks. I have lived in my neighbourhood all my life and not seen this before. I said “hello”, we had a nice chat and I left her to enjoy the sun ☀️. While thinking about this…

  4. Mum

    2021-06-30 20:25:23 UTC
    Everyday is different. The only certainty is knowing that I need to just let the day play out. Cannot plan or prepare. Equanimity is my shield 🛡. Mum is cool. I let her be when Dementia strikes. On a good day, I see the woman who raised me. On another…

  5. Golden Hour

    2021-06-05 21:42:48 UTC
    For some strange reason, I am getting earlier without even trying. 06:00 am This means when I go for my morning coffee, I am catching the golden time of day. The golden hour is the magical light early morning and sunset. This is what we live for. The last few…

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