The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Enjoying The Light

    2023-04-02 20:57:25 UTC
    The weather forecast looks promising for Easter. Only a few days, nevertheless, I am out enjoying the Light. The Spring Light is soft, gentle and warm. The Fuji XF35mm F1.4 & the F2 Version thrive on warm Light. This quality of Light renders gorgeous colour contrast. Spring is here. Thanks…

  2. Spring Within

    2023-04-01 19:29:01 UTC
    It’s the 1st April This is not a joke. Spring is here. The Weather conditions tell a different story. I am choosing to keep Spring & Summer alive within me. My images this week have featured my local park. I photograph the same scenes everyday. Same subject. Different vision. The…

  3. Seeing in Layers

    2023-03-31 17:01:48 UTC
    Seeing and shooting with Layers in mind is a fascinating concept. Layers is about using the classic frame of 35mm to its full story board potential. If you look closely at the image above, the context is a busy high street which is layered with: A Woman on Crutches Two…

  4. To Good To Be True

    2023-03-29 04:03:53 UTC
    I knew it would not last. Sunshine in this country is always followed by Rain; very often on the same day. Light is Light. The temperature of the Light in this part of the world fluctuates due to the Clouds. The Sun is always available; the Clouds and overcast conditions…

  5. The Light of Spring

    2023-03-27 14:05:11 UTC
    The clocks went backwards by one hour over the weekend. This disruption to our sleep pattern has made no difference because the clouds on Sunday morning was a blanket smog of nasty grey. That was yesterday. This morning, I was greeted with with the Light of Spring. Oh glorious spring…

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