The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. FV | 365 - 2023

    2023-01-17 14:51:20 UTC
    Well now, here we go This is will be my 365 Project of fresh Vision moments for the next year starting today. There will be no narrative other than the image. My only intention is to share one image per day on this specific page; it will be a live…

  2. FV | A Celebration of Life Part ll

    2023-01-17 07:01:17 UTC
    I did not anticipate today being such an extraordinary experience, it was. My Mother’s Funeral turned out to be beautiful celebration of her life. I couldn’t help but document everything that occurred from the moment I left the house. I am a Photojournalist and this is what I do. I…

  3. Fresh Vision | Feeling Life

    2023-01-15 09:55:02 UTC
    My Fresh Vision Project is taking on a life of its own. Seeing, Feeling and Responding to life going on around me is the heart beat of this adventure. Fresh Vision is my access to stronger images. Stronger images mean becoming more proactive, fearless and engaging with the moment. This…

  4. FV | A Celebration of Life

    2023-01-14 22:41:47 UTC
    A fresh vision of life began with the transition of my Mother Her passing has created space of love for me to re-connect with our family. It began last night when my cousins Sumaya and Lauralee joined me at The Magic Circle to see my show. It was a great…

  5. FV | Deep Vision

    2023-01-13 15:01:58 UTC
    The 50mm is the standard Lens. This point of distinction has been the accepted norm for decades. I have written about my love for The Classic Frame of 35mm, so it surprises me that the 50mm get’s top billing as an industry standard optics. The is no question this Lens…

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