The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Street Portraits

    2018-06-19 21:54:41 UTC
    Street Photography is a very magical aspect of my work. What brings it to life are the fantastic conversations I have had with random strangers. The images above got created because these two fine gentleman recognised me from my TV appearances on ITVs Penn & Teller FOOL US. This is…

  2. My Number 1 Model

    2018-06-19 21:35:18 UTC
    Since I started on this journey, I have embraced many different genres of image creation. I can say capturing images of people is my favourite. I love creating portraits. At the start of this year, I decided to create more images of people, specifically women. My project was called “A…

  3. A Moment of Magic

    2018-06-18 16:16:27 UTC
    This image sums up why I am so passionate about Photography. I love people and I enjoy creating images of people that captures some unique expression. These two fine gentleman saw me walking and said, “that’s a nice camera”. I said “thank you sir”. So began a delightful conversation between…

  4. My Vision

    2018-06-18 15:56:54 UTC
    My style of street photography is to walk, stand still, look, see, feel and create. I go out empty, no agenda, I just allow life to be exactly as it is. Images are everywhere, it’s all about how I feel about what I see. This image is just two bicycles,…

  5. Sporting Lunch

    2018-06-18 12:12:23 UTC
    Last week, I attended a Sporting Lunch and had the wonderful privilege of photographing the legendary Sir Garfield Sobers. Sir Garfield held the entire room enthralled with his after lunch talk on his career and life. What impressed me was his complete and utter quite dignity. He struck me as…

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