The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. L.L.V. | West End At Night

    11 Nov 2021
    My first trip into the West End in a year felt like a trip to the moon. It felt profoundly strange and foreign. It was still familiar and yet, alien. I was doing my show at The Backstage Bar. It is a perfect venue for magical entertainment. The Grand Staircase…

  2. Pines And Needles

    11 Nov 2021
    The last year has flown by very quickly. It only seems like yesterday when I was documenting the selling of Christmas Trees in my neighbourhood. Well, Pines and Needles are back. I was very lucky yesterday - I saw the workmen off loading Santa Operation Shed. It was on the…

  3. L.L.V. | Time Difference

    09 Nov 2021
    L.L.V. That’s Low Light Vision from now on. What a difference a few hours can make. That image above was created this afternoon. Look at the shooting details below. This is interesting. You can see the settings I used for middle of the afternoon. It was a cold day and…

  4. Low Light Vision | 1.4

    09 Nov 2021
    Low Light Photography is a magical world all by itself. I was intimidate by this discipline because my Kit Lens was the XF 18-135mm which came bundled with my XT1. I love that Camera and Lens set up. During the day in good light, it is perfect. As my studies…

  5. X-Pro 1 | Quiet Time

    09 Nov 2021
    When I lost my hearing, silence became my best friend. I do wear a hearing aid - it’s turned off until I need support with my lip reading. My afternoon walk with my Camera and silence is a perfect partnership. Creating images with no sound to distract me is a…

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