The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Street Photography

    2022-05-25 12:13:42 UTC
    Street Photography.I hate labels Photography is exactly that - creating images.So creating image while out for a walk is an opportunity to engage with life and be open to the possibility of being surprised, delighted, confronted by the expression of life. This means people. The Environment. The culture of a…

  2. MW | My Approach to Black & White

    2022-05-25 08:58:54 UTC
    I have heard many Photographers say “ I see in Black & White”. This confused me. I think logically and speak straight. “Are you Colour Blind”? “No”, would be the reply. Being even more confused, I was too embarrassed to ask any further. I never bothered with Black & White…

  3. MW | One of Each

    2022-05-24 15:04:17 UTC
    I really like the 28mm Field of View for this study. I can experience the full range of Colour from my balcony. The Shades of Grey Conversion creates a totally different experience. What a difference… This is the conversion after editing the RAW File as a Colour Image. This approach…

  4. MW | Throwback

    2022-05-24 11:22:24 UTC
    Not too long ago, Black & White was the norm. One Camera. One Lens……a 50mm. and a roll of Film….Black & White. So, if this was all there was, there was nothing else to worry about. The great masters of this medium simply went out and created images. I attempted…

  5. MW | Colour Conversion

    2022-05-23 16:39:57 UTC
    Welcome to a Week of Monochrome Studies. My documentation will be led by my eye and feelings about how Black & White/ Shades of Grey / Monochrome / Greyscale speaks to me. I felt it important to create a few images in Colour to study the Light and how it…

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