The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. A Reason to be Happy - Carnival 2017

    28 Sep 2017
    The Nottinghill Carnival was in full swing this Summer. After The Grenfell Tragedy, West London needed a lift of happiness. Carnival  did not disappoint. There is something about the resilience of the human spirit after a tragedy that inspires us to get back up and make the day after a…

  2. Portrait of a Predator

    19 Sep 2017
    Have you ever looked a Predator in the eye?  I have.  It was thrilling and intimidating at the same time.  He did not blink and flinch, neither did I.  This was a photographic moment I was not going to miss.  He was no more than 20 feet away from me,…

  3. 30 Days with the X-Pro 2 and the 35mm

    17 Aug 2017
    I have just completed a thirty day project shooting with the X-Pro2 and the 35mm 14 Lens. This was inspired by Andrew Gibson - Andrew wrote a blog about this amazing Lens and I realised I had not really given myself the opportunity to experience how good it could be…

  4. Maida Vale - My Home

    17 Aug 2017
    I have lived in Maida Vale all my life. I love this place and can see myself here for the rest of my life. My neighbourhood is changing.  New developments are taking place right where I live.  I am using this opportunity to record my neighbourhood because in two years…

  5. Portraits from the Streets

    11 Jul 2017
    This was another magical moment.  These two lovely ladies stop me in Portobello today and asked me to take their photograph using their camera.  I kindly obliged, when they thanked me, I heard an accent.  I said, “where are you from”?  They said Spain.  I instantly greeted then both in…

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