The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. FV | Inside Out

    2023-01-12 15:50:21 UTC
    The image above reflects how I am really seeing now. What my eye and mind sees verses what my Camera can record is worlds apart. The human eye is a marvellous creation. It can see a wider tonal range of bright and dark all in one go. My Camera can…

  2. FV | Night Vision

    2023-01-12 08:46:15 UTC
    A fresh vision at night will almost certainly provide a different expression of Light and where it falls. I love creating images at night. The Light at night transforms everything. The atmosphere and the ambience becomes a visual narrative of…..mystery. The most interesting part of an image is the areas…

  3. FV | Point of Vision

    2023-01-11 20:17:27 UTC
    Fresh Vision for my photography is all about evolving from a gear head into an artist. Becoming a visual artist is a slow process of self-discovery and self awareness. Know thy self. You have heard that phrase I am sure. I know one thing about myself; who I am is…

  4. FV | The Moment

    2023-01-10 23:22:32 UTC
    Creating images everyday sharpens my senses. For what? For seeing the moment. For making connections. Seeing a possible narrative. The Moment is a fleeting expression of life. My response time has improved with time and daily creative opportunities. Life expresses its energy through us. This is what I am open…

  5. FV | Receptive to Life

    2023-01-10 11:54:03 UTC
    The death of my Mother has me thinking about about life in a particular way. I created this image about while on my way to The Funeral Parlour today. What’s the big deal about Ducks swimming on The Grand Union Canal? Nothing. I saw them and felt the presence of…

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