The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. 30 Day Challenge Day 23: One The Edge

    07 Mar 2021
    30 Day Challenge Day 29: Life takes on many forms inside a context of individual expression. This I find very appealing to observe. As you know, I am studying Contemplative Photography right now thanks to the excellent E-Book by @valeriejardin. The first thing I did was look up the definition…

  2. 30 Day Challenge 22: Peace

    07 Mar 2021
    Peace. That was his gift to us. Peace in his name. What does this mean? His sacrifice on the cross means we don’t need to suffer. What’s happening in our world 🌎 is a different conversation compared to the focus we can have on his greatest gift. His sacrifice on…

  3. 30 Day Challenge Day 21: Stillness

    07 Mar 2021
    To be still is who we are. Stillness is our true identity Silbce Stillness Serenity. All three virtues merge into the voice of the one. The One. The Silent Messenger. Master of all that is and ever will be. X

  4. 30 Day Challenge Day 20: Seeing Deeply

    07 Mar 2021
    Layers. Multiple stories in the frame. Seeing deeply. Three powerful brands all competing for attention. I saw it. Do you?

  5. 30 Day Challenge Day 19: Slowing Down

    07 Mar 2021
    Slowing down. Contemplation. Seeing deeply. Allowing life to speak to me. In the space, I see and feel the deeper hidden context in the moment. The man made structures interacting with nature. Nature reflects back his vision on calm waters. I see deeply into nature. She sees deeply into me.…

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