The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Project 23mm | From The Roof Tops - Day 5

    25 Aug 2018
    Point of view is everything in image creation. Here in Jounieh, my opportunities are fruitful for mixing things up in terms of how to see things. Today was very hot. Pascal and I stayed in most of the day. Late afternoon was perfect time to create a few images. I…

  2. Project 23mm | Filming in Adghal - Day 4

    23 Aug 2018
    Day Four in Lebanon has been quite an adventure. Pascal and I spent the day up in the mountains of Faytroun. Built within this mountain range is the most extraordinary site I have ever seen. Welcome to Adghal. This a restaurant built into the mountain range complex. Visualise if you…

  3. Project 23mm | Magic By Day & Zaytunay By Night - Day 3

    22 Aug 2018
    Today in Lebanon was dedicated to hosting a workshop for the local magicians. This was a full on five hour conversation all related to the craft of Magic, Sleight of Hand Techniques, Psychology and Deception. We had fun. The boys were committed and full of enthusiasm. The day ended with…

  4. Project 23mm | Our Lady Of Lebanon - Day 2

    21 Aug 2018
    My second day here in Jounieh had a strong spiritual context. My friend Pascal took me to see the wonderful statue of The Virgin Mary, “Our Lady of Lebanon”. Legend has it, that this statue that watches over the city has brought peace to this part of the Middle East.…

  5. Project 23mm

    18 Aug 2018
    Welcome to my new Project. Over the next week, I will be creating images exclusively with the Fujinon 23mm 1.4. This means everything; People Places Culture Close-ups Animals…..within reasons. I am excited because from tomorrow, all of my images will be taken in……Lebanon. This will be a challenge because it’s…

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