The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The Epic Vision

    2021-11-27 09:59:00 UTC
    The epic vision begins in the mind. We look with our eyes. We see with our minds. This means seeing deeply into the visual narrative. The Wide Angle Lens allows us the possibility to create as close as possibilities our vision. I don’t live in the country side so creating…

  2. Seeing Wider

    2021-11-25 19:54:13 UTC
    I am deliberately using The XF10-24mm F4 to train my vision. This training is to embrace the wider canvass. Yes, there will be a lot more within my Frame. That’s the point. The story must fit the context. The context is the 35mm Frame. The story is the visual narrative…

  3. Raw To The Core

    2021-11-24 17:03:30 UTC
    I’m really grateful to The X-Pro 1. This Camera forced me to go back to basics. I started my journey with the X100 T. I loved that Camera. It had everything, everything except a long battery life. The batteries suck big time and I almost gave up Fuji all together…

  4. Visual Growth

    2021-11-24 10:11:31 UTC
    It was very complex once I started. The 18-105mm was my Lens - I used it on my D90 in 2013. The X-Pro 1 was released the year before. I had no idea what I was doing. When I look at my images today, I am astonished and greatfull. I’m…

  5. Visual Vocabulary Part II

    2021-11-23 19:07:04 UTC
    The Wide Angle Lens really pushes me out of my comfort zone. When used correctly, it delivers spectacular results. Today, I thought it would be interesting to see what I could create using my XF10-24mm; in Full Frame Terms, that’s 15-36mm. At 15mm, I am in Super Wide Angle vision…

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