The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Reflections on the past week

    05 Mar 2017
    I have come to appreciate the rain, the quality of light after a down pour is quite something to behold when viewed through a camera. Reflections take on a different feel. These two were not taken today but a few days ago when I was in my coffee shop. This…

  2. The Long Walk

    05 Mar 2017
    My long walk began at Southwark Station. My shooting begins the moment I feel compelled to shoot. No agenda, just pure feeling. This station is a triumph of architectural immagination. Once outside the station, it was just buildings and reflections - this was compelling to me. Inside The Tate Modern,…

  3. The Absence of Colour

    02 Mar 2017
    I have heard a few Photographers say, “I see in Black & White”. This has intrigued me because I see Colour, everywhere. I live in a world of Colour. So, it has puzzled me this notion of seeing in Black & White. Nothing wrong, just my personal enquiry into what…

  4. Practicing My Vision

    02 Mar 2017
    Today was just about seeing and feeling. Colour, Light and the Illusive Gesture in the moment. Green Apple’s, a vision of health. This annoyed me, no bin? or just plain lazy to find one. This lifted my mood and then the colour red added to the scene. This was interesting,…

  5. Light Painter

    28 Feb 2017
    I love shooting during the blue dusk. The colours are enchanting and unpredictable. On this given night, I just followed the light and exposed for it. I knew I would be playing with the contrast, just to bring out detail in the light. The drama of light, full of intrigue. …

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