The Adventures of The Fuji Warrior

  1. The Colour of Life

    Date 02 May 2017
    These three images represent a moment in time when I saw, felt the moment and caught a wonderful expression of life. The first image was my emotional reaction. The second image, I was more daring and one of the girl caught me shooting - I smiled, she smiled back. I…

  2. Buskers Delight

    Date 02 May 2017
    I am learning very quickly that speed on the streets is a required skill. I have been shooting recently with my camera set to Shutter Speed Priority with an action stopping speed of 1/500sec with my ISO set between 400-1600. This set up on my X-Pro 2 has yielded some killer moments …

  3. A Piece of History on My Door Step

    Date 30 Mar 2017
    Don’t see these too often.  An irresistible moment.  I never leave home without my camera.  Moments like these take me by surprise and are worth capturing.  This is why I love this craft.  It reminds me that life and moments are what memories are made of, memories worth creating and…

  4. Glorious London

    Date 22 Mar 2017
    In the space of a few hours I experienced London in two realms, Joy and fear. Last night I was invited by my friends Valerie and Raskita to City Hall for a guided tour. I got to see where our Mayor of London operates. The last time was I here was when my dear cousin…

  5. A Month of Introspection

    Date 17 Mar 2017
    Fallen tree This has been a dark month, emotional - the shadow of death has hung over me like The Dementors. My happiness has been challenged and I see this reflected in my shooting. If every image I create is a self portrait then you will see the world through…

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