The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Fashion Item

    2021-11-02 23:08:42 UTC
    Thorsten Overgard said, “wear your camera everwhere”. He went even further by saying, “your camera is part of your fashion statement” - or words to that effect. I cannot create images if I don’t have my camera with me. It’s that simple. It’s a life style habit now. What I…

  2. The Light At Night | Ptllll

    2021-11-01 18:06:39 UTC
    Shooting at night is pure magic. You have to get the timing right. It’s all about The Blue Hour. I checked the forecast for Sunset and it said 17:38pm. However, I noticed the light levels dropping by 16:30pm There were no clouds and I felt it looked promising for some…

  3. Sunday Vision

    2021-10-31 22:53:11 UTC
    The morning light is equally as powerful as the light at night. The golden time of day is very spiritual, I feel it. It’s a very short window of time before the Sun makes its full presence known. By which time, creating images takes on a different vibe. That warm…

  4. The Light At Night | Pt lll

    2021-10-30 17:34:22 UTC
    I checked what time the sun would set for today; 17:38pm. This was very important because once the Sun sets, my window for the Blue hour would be very short. There wasn’t much traffic to begin with. I had to be patient. Getting the timing right is easy enough, just…

  5. The Light At Night | Pt ll

    2021-10-29 19:08:35 UTC
    This project has taken off. The light at night means seeking the Light. Ok, it’s light coming from bulbs and other sources - doesn’t matter, light is light. In many ways, it’s a lot easier to see the light because the original canvass…..BLACK, makes it easy for the light to…

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